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Keeping the flavor in Tomato-Brazil Nut Soup leftovers
Click to visit VeggieCooking.com Tomato-Brazil Nut soup is the most popular recipe in my cookbook, at least among people I know. It seems everyone likes a nice tomato-onion soup, and the special flavor and texture of Brazil Nuts make it irresistible -- a combination rarely found in soups.

Or perhaps it's the nutrition of Brazil Nuts -- essential fatty acids with rich mineral content -- responsible for cravings people have described for this soup. Not many foods have so many minerals rolled into one.

Whatever the science behind the soup's natural magnetism, I have noticed that the rich Brazil Nut flavor doesn't keep well as a leftover. The tomato-onion broth lasts well, but the Brazil Nut slices themselves seem to lose flavor by the following day. I think the broth leaches the iron-rich flavor from the nuts, leaving them with their nice crunchy texture but not much flavor.

Although some don't mind the slight decline in flavor as a leftover, others like to make one big batch and serve it over a number of days. I've found that the best way to retain the Brazil Nut flavor is to cook the soup without the nuts, and then add the nut slices into individual portions as the soup is served. It is a little more effort, but does keep the Brazil Nut slices tasting like Brazil Nuts.

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