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What kind of family values are these?Family Values
[Posted 24 August 2002] I saw this sign at a restaurant today and just had to take its picture. I ask you, what do high-cholesterol meals have to do with families or values, much less "family values"? The advertiser may have intended a play on words, meaning both "family values" and "values (good deals) for the family", but no doubt was trying to capitalize on the evasive religious/political term "family values." The not-so-subliminal message seems to be that the food pictured is connected to family values, and that unless you hate families, you'll eat this food.

Both possible meanings of "family values" are ludicrous. Take the meaning "good deals for the family". Walking away with a gut full of grease and cholesterol is no value at any price. And the health implications of eating that way are nothing but anti-family.

The meaning of the actual phrase used, "family values", would imply some sort of family-friendly values. Perhaps they mean values like "giving your husband a REAL heart attack this time" or "being sure your kids have a stroke before you do." Clearly, the term "family values" has about as much meaning for advertisers as it does for politicians who hide anti-family policies behind it. This sign shows what the tired, worn-out term has come to mean in America: false advertising, or even worse, nothing at all.

One more thing... Notice that they managed to slip an American flag into the design. I guess ruining your health with a high cholesterol diet is the patriotic thing to do. Truly nauseating.

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