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Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only,
and does not replace individualized diagnosis and care.

Click to visit VeggieCooking.com Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative cancer cures, for example Hulda Clark's zapper and protocols, are immensely popular. Most people want an alternative to the expense, side effects, and disappointing results of conventional cancer treatments.

Numerous studies question the value of American-style mainstream medical cancer treatments, and Dr. Andrew Weil freely admits in his books that cancer is one of the diseases that mainstream medicine indeed has trouble handling.

The cancer protocol that I trusted with my life
In late 2004 or early 2005, I developed what seemed to be an obvious case of breast cancer. Since then, I have promised many people that I would write an article on the protocol I used (actually a mixture of several alternative protocols with a good reputation). I didn't have time to type up all of the details, but I did make a few YouTube videos to help people inform themselves until I could. Note that in these videos, the key pieces of the porotocol seem to be the Clark zapper and the Budwig flaxseed oil diet. In fact, I can't say for sure that I would have obtained the same results if any of these steps were eliminated. For example, while the zapper attacked microbes and the flaxseed oil helped build my immune system, the anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs created a very hostile environment for microbes affiliated with the disease (normally SV-40, thought to be the cancer virus by many researchers, and the numerous bacteria and other microbial bodies witnessed by cancer researchers like Virginia Livingston -- see Dr. Alan Cantwell's book The Cancer Microbe for information on some of those).

Here is the 6-part detailed video on the symptoms and protocol I used, along with a few other thoughts on what happened. I apologize for the quality of this video, and hope to make a better one sometime soon. However, I realize that some people can't wait even one more day for this information, so here it is. (I'd wanted to tape it outside that day, but it was far too windy, and so I taped it at the end of the day indoors, with poor lighting. The shadows from the lighting directly overhead made my teeth look bad at times, and the white wall made every wind-ruffled hair stand out. But I'm putting it out there anyway -- it was the best I could do for such a quick job, and the information is too important to delay. I hope that people needing good protocol information will find it useful.):

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Click to visit MercuryPoisoned.com I also made a video on how to use a zapper purchased over the internet:
How to use a DrClark.com zapper

And a couple of other videos:
Warnings and side effects of the zapper
The zapper as "experimental" medicine

Pam Rotella's 2005 cancer protocol
In 2009 I made a few YouTube videos on the Clark zapper and an alternative cancer protocol that I used in 2005 when it seemed I had breast cancer. The protocol was a blend of a number of well-known protocols in the alternative health field, with portions taken from theories and protocols of famous doctors like Hulda Clark, Johanna Budwig, Joel Wallach, Lorainne Day, and others. The 2005 protocol worked very well, and when I mentioned it to friends over the following few years, many wanted to know exactly what I'd done. I didn't have time to write an article on it, and so I finally made the YouTube videos. Repeating so much information verbally and in person, over and over, wasn't really going to help many people -- even if I was lucky enough to remember to repeat each part every single time, people didn't take notes. The protocol would also help more people if they could find it, and so I posted it on the internet, and linked to it from my page on Hulda Clark, which for several years prior to Google changing its search algorithm to favor news articles, was the #1 Google search result for the term "cure for cancer." Thousands of people have since viewed the YouTube videos on my 2005 protocol, but in order to make the information even more accessible, I've decided to type up the key points.

The reason I call this the 2005 cancer protocol, is because I may change it if I feel that I have cancer again. For example, in 2011 I spent most of the summer outdoors in the sun, and was also exposed to pesticides. A few black spots suddenly appeared on my face that didn't look good -- and neem oil applied topically returned the skin to normal in all cases, all but one within 24 hours (the one on my nose took a few days longer). I also zapped and took flaxseed oil as a precaution, of course, but I may use a slightly different protocol should problems come up again. As I said in one of my YouTube videos, this protocol will change if I have cancer again -- if there is a Pam Rotella protocol for cancer, I'd describe it as "Keep throwing things at it until something works." In fact, one of the key points of this protocol -- the flaxseed oil part of the Budwig diet -- was added when I didn't feel that I was improving fast enough from the zapper and other changes.

I can't cover everything here that I mentioned in the YouTube videos, and so I'll leave the links to the videos above, for those who want more information. One day I may have time to type up everything related to the protocol, including the symptoms and the theory behind what I did, but that could take dozens or even hundreds of pages. I don't have time to do that for an internet blog at the moment, but I do hope to add to this site in the following years. Until then, here's a summary of my 2005 alternative cancer protocol:

1.) I declined "conventional" treatments like chemo and radiation, and even diagnostics. I consider that to be as important as the other steps covered here, because such treatments can weaken the immune system and cause other damage. I also knew several people who'd had cancer and tried various treatments, and almost all of the people who'd managed to survive had used alternative cancer methods. (That's not to say that everyone who used alternative methods survived, because they didn't. That's one of the reasons that I went through the trouble to cover what I did here -- I combined some of the most powerful protocols in alternative medicine, and feel that sharing the information may help people when considering which methods to try.)

It's true that declining diagnostics means that I can't be 100% sure that I had cancer as a result, but my studies of the disease prior to contracting what seemed to be an obvious case of breast cancer taught me that even diagnostics can spread the disease through biopsies, or cause other problems. I also knew that I'd be pressured heavily to take chemo and radiation should the diagnostics come back positive, and I was pretty sure that they would be positive, based on the rapid growth of the lump and other bad symptoms. I already knew that I'd follow alternative protocols if diagnosed with the disease, so why bother going through diagnostics if I was going to do the same thing anyway?

2.) I used the Hulda Clark zapper, and it did reduce the symptoms and fatigue enough for me to even work while I had the disease, but usually only for a few hours at a time. After a few hours, the fatigue would set in again, and I'd be too tired to work... until I zapped again. Sometimes I'd zap 2-3 times a day, and although on the video it seems that I'm implying that it was the flaxseed oil that made the difference, I'm not sure that I would've survived without also having something as powerful as the Clark zapper attacking the disease.

14.) Although I mentioned this step near the end of my YouTube section on protocols used, I'm going to mention it next here, because it's that important. I used flaxseed oil and no-fat cottage cheese from the "Budwig diet." You can read more about the Budwig diet in William Fischer's book How to Fight Cancer and Win. Yes, I was a vegan at the time, and yes, I could have opted for soy and flaxseed oil instead, and for the first few days I did. But then I decided not to continue with the soy because of known problems with its powerful phytoestrogens, isoflavones. Some studies even say that soy contributes to cancer, and that it can cause thyroid problems among other things. And so until I was sure the disease was gone, I opted for the no-fat cottage cheese in order to give myself the best chance. I'd have at least 1/2 cup of no-fat cottage cheese each day (I used organic), with 2-3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil mixed in. Flaxseed oil should be kept in the freezer or refrigerator after being opened, as exposure to air starts an oxidation process that makes the oil rancid. You'll know when the oil is rancid because it tastes terrible and smells like paint thinner. (In fact, flaxseed oil can be used as a paint base or paint thinner.) I find that even with keeping the oil in the freezer, flaxseed oil typically doesn't last more than 6 months -- even less when refrigerated instead of frozen. The oil should stay fluid even when placed in the freezer.

3.) There were a number of other lifestyle changes that I felt were important, based on various cancer protocols. One of these was giving up coffee, at least until I thought the disease was cured. Drs. Hulda Clark, Joel Wallach, and Lorainne Day all said that cancer patients should avoid coffee (in fact they don't think coffee is good at all). I still love coffee and in fact have a cup by my side as I'm typing this article. However, when it seemed that I had cancer, I "knew" that it was important to avoid, and so I wouldn't touch it.

Also note that Dr. Wallach mentions not drinking soda when cancer patients call into his radio show. I already rarely wanted soda, and avoided it throughout the course of the disease.

5.) I drank more water -- Dr. Lorainne Day recommends this, as did Dr. Batmanghelidj (the author of Your Body's Many Cries for Water).

6.) I made the time to get more sleep -- again from Dr. Day.

7.) I ate a lot of raw, organic carrots, as many cancer doctors think that carrots and carrot juice are good anti-cancer food.

8.) Ate more raw, less cooked, food. Again, this was from Dr. Day and some other cancer doctors who have similar ideas. Note that I was already a vegan, and that was also a recommendation of Dr. Day's, among other doctors.

9.) I avoided fried foods, even vegetables sauteed in a little oil.

10.) I took a natural vitamin C supplement, about 2 grams a day. This was from various cancer protocols involving vitamin C, but also from remembering a personal acquaintance (a health food store owner in Las Vegas who I met a few months after my book came out) who'd beat terminal uterine cancer by doing nothing more than a raw foods vegan diet and 2 grams of vitamin C a day. They gave her 6 months to live -- at the time we met, she'd already survived 10 years beyond that.

11.) I ordered herbs for the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse, and took them in the recommended doses once a week until the black walnut hull tincture was gone.

12.) I had a carrots-beets-celery juice drink occasionally, less often than once a day.

13.) I took a few herbs with anti-viral/anti-bacterial properties. I followed the dosage instructions on the bottles or took just a little more, and no more than 2 of these supplements in combination at any given time during the day:
a.) Elderberry extract
b.) Goldenseal tincture
c.) Colloidal silver
d.) Grapefruit seed extract
e.) Oreganol (oregano oil)

15.) Received energy healing.

I want to emphasize that I can only tell people what worked for me. That doesn't mean that this protocol will help everyone with similar symptoms. Everyone has to take personal responsibility and research the topic, and then decide whether to utilize any of this information or not.

There are many alternative treatments for cancer. I happen to agree with the author of CancerTutor.com when he suggested that cancer victims take a couple of days off of work and read as much about the subject as possible. It's too serious of a disease to go through uninformed. (But now that I've mentioned Cancer Tutor, I have to offer this disclaimer. I've seen feature stories come and go on its main page -- that doesn't mean that I, or even the author of that page, endorse any one of them.)

The protocol that I trusted with my own life, and still believe would give me the best chance of survival should the disease return, is the one on this page. I wouldn't want to go through cancer without my Clark zapper, or my flaxseed oil, or the rest of it. With that said, everyone confronted with such a serious disease should become educated on their best options, and decide on their own best course of action.


Below is a partial list of links found at the bottom of my article on Dr. Hulda Clark. It's important to read beyond these links to evaluate individual treatments, but the following information provides a nice overview of several alternative cancer treatments. Obviously, the ultimate decision on what to try lies with the individual patient and his or her entrusted health care provider:


Dr. Sebi in Honduras (The famous herbalist used by Lisa Lopes of TLC)
Dr. Ralph Moss
Dr. Ralph Moss' Cancer Decisions website
The Healing Cancer Naturally site
Summary of Dr. Johanna Budwig's method
Testimonial on Dr. Johanna Budwig's method

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[Posted 29 November 2004; Last updated 12 December 2011]

© 2004, 2011 by Pam Rotella.

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