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House in Cudahy searched after Oak Creek shooting
Police, FBI mass outside of house on Holmes and Kirkwood

6 August 2012
Pam Rotella

Police and federal agents searched a house on Kirkwood and Holmes in Cudahy, Wisconsin Sunday evening. WISN reported that it was likely the home of the shooter who had killed six people at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek earlier that day.

Cudahy house search

An officer on scene confirmed that the house with a fire truck next to it was the structure of interest. A van from WE energies was also present, raising the question of natural gas or electrical problems.

Cudahy house search

Numerous law enforcement vehicles lined both sides of the street. An SUV with an Illinois license tag was in front of the house. Milwaukee Police had parked a van for Hazardous Devices at the end of the street, on Packard.

Cudahy house search

Meanwhile, in Oak Creek, police blocked off South Howell Avenue from Rawson to Drexel -- a busy stretch of road with many businesses. Police and rescue helicopters constantly flew overhead, apparently patrolling the area and possibly keeping news helicopters from the temple's air space. There was also a police car from Brown Deer -- a northern suburb -- patrolling local streets. Later a Cudahy officer near the alleged shooter's house explained that SMART response (Suburban Mutual Aid Response Team) allowed local police to request help from surrounding communities.

Oak Creek

Oak Creek

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