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Bush recycles Honduran war criminal into national "intelligence" director
Click to visit VeggieCooking.com [Posted 18 February 2005]

Yesterday, George W. Bush announced the appointment of John Negroponte to the newly-created national "intelligence" director post. Negroponte's past specialty will come in handy, just in case the United States needs any more HONDURAN DEATH SQUADS.

It's amazing that Bush needs to reach back into history, to his father's Iran-Contra operation, in order to find enough human rights abusers to fill his cabinet posts. I guess people as evil as Alberto Gonzales or Condi Rice are in short supply. Not many younger people these days want history to remember them as major war criminals. Yup, nun-killers like Negroponte must be hard to come by.

Of course, mainstream media won't mention HONDURAN DEATH SQUADS or even the "disappeared" that made Negroponte famous. In fact, I saw a news blip on ABC this morning -- an extract of an interview with Negroponte by Diane "Softball" Sawyer. Amazingly, Sawyer demonstrated knowledge of Negroponte's HONDURAN DEATH SQUADS, as she mentioned in passing that Negroponte denied knowing of them. But in the 2 seconds she spent mentioning his denial, Sawyer neglected to mention that everyone else investigating Iran-Contra thought that Negroponte was one of the masterminds behind U.S. state-sponsored terrorism in Central America. And in true Sawyer style, there were no "tough questions."

As usual, Republican lawmakers are expected to rubber-stamp yet another war criminal into high office. I guess in order to continue with war crimes, you need to surround yourself with people who think that torture and priest-killing are valid daily activities. Otherwise, people might round you up & start the Nuremberg Trials, part 2. Personally, I think another Nuremberg Trial is quite possible, and people in this country will probably be the ones to demand it. Especially if Negroponte puts his HONDURAN DEATH SQUAD experience to use here.

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