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Bush can't hold down Iraq, so now he's off to Iran and Syria
Click to visit VeggieCooking.com [Posted 4 March 2005]

Back when I was interrogated by the Secret Service, I remember not being able to feel anything but pity for them, even when they were asking questions that were way beyond reasonable. Sure, they could be jerks in a way, but I was constantly aware that their job was basically to lodge themselves between bullets and a man who thinks "resignate" is a word. Yup, bullet-catchers for a MORON. At least they were working at Clinton's house. But the fact remains, no other type of law enforcement is required to die for a mental vacuum as a part of their job description. Shootout in your neighborhood? Go ahead, call the cops -- see how fast they get there. They like to wait until bullets stop flying before getting in the middle. Less likely to die that way.

So off Bush trots to Europe last week, trying to sell "old Europe" on hostility toward Iran. Telling leaders who were smart enough to stay out of Iraq from the outset that they should put aside their "differences" (integrity), and go along with Bush's really dumb Middle Eastern policy. That's right, forget about Bush ignoring everything your country thinks and wants, every shred of decency your people have, your dedication to human rights after brutal World Wars were fought on your soil -- and just do anything Bush says. After all, look how successful he's been, with people dying in Iraq every day, photos of torture & dead children and whatnot. He must be telling the truth when he says Iran has WMD, after he lied about Iraq having them...

Good ole Bush -- no one beats his oblivion.

So of course with his big "success" in Europe, he & his Chevron "diplomat" Condi Rice are threatening Syria now. Does the stupidity ever stop?

So, how ARE things in Iraq, Georgie? Under "control"? Think you're ready for two more wars at the same time? Think you can hold onto Iraq for even another year?

Bush falls into this rare category of people I've met in my life. They tell a lie, but for some reason seem to forget that they're lying. They really believe themselves, even though they made it up themselves just a few minutes ago. I think there's a term for people like that -- "pathological liar." Bush claimed that the war in Iraq was over quite a while ago, therefore it must be true. What we're seeing now couldn't possibly mean that the war is still being fought.

And so, even though the war keeps going on, and on, and on... and the casualties are mounting day after day... and we don't really control many areas outside of a few neighborhoods in Baghdad... and no one wants to join the armed forces anymore because they know it's a one-way ticket to Iraq... and some news reports say the draft will be resurrected within a month or two... that can't possibly mean that we're incapable of taking over the rest of the Middle East too, does it? And just because we're torturing people and stomping on the revered Geneva Conventions, that couldn't mean that the Europeans won't throw away their moral values and join in, does it? Well, not in Georgie's brain, anyway. He says it, and believes it, therefore it must all be true.

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