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Yet another Geneva Convention violation...
and What Would Dick Cheney Look Like?

[Posted 14 June 2005, Cartoon added October 2005]

Last month, Rupert Murdoch's tabloids in London (The Sun) and New York (New York Post) published photos of 68-year-old Saddam Hussein in his underwear. According to a report in California's Daily Breeze, the photos were published to deliberately humiliate the man, a violation of The Geneva Conventions:

"The Sun, a British tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, said the photos it published Friday and today were provided by a U.S. military official it did not identify who hoped their release would deal a 'body blow' to the insurgency.

"Sun Managing Editor Graham Dudman told The Associated Press that the newspaper paid 'a small sum' for the photos. He would not elaborate except to say it was more than 500 British pounds, which is about $900.

"The New York Post, which is also owned by Murdoch, also published the photos on Friday.

"More revealing pictures were published today in The Sun, including one of Hussein seen through barbed wire wearing a white robe-like garment, and another of Ali Hassan al-Majid, better known as 'Chemical Ali,' in a bathrobe and holding a towel.

"'It is clear that the pictures were taken inside the prison, which means that American soldiers have leaked the pictures,' said Hussein's chief lawyer, Ziad al-Khasawneh. He said the photos 'add to acts that are practiced against the Iraqi people, and of course we remember what happened in Abu Ghraib and we remember what happened in Guantanamo.'

"Hussein's attorney said he would sue the newspaper 'and everyone who helped in showing these pictures.'

"The U.S. military in Baghdad said the publication of the photos violated U.S. military guidelines 'and possibly Geneva Convention guidelines for the humane treatment of detained individuals.'

"A spokesman, Staff Sgt. Don Dees, said the military would question the troops responsible for Hussein.

"Army Maj. Flora Lee, Multinational Forces spokeswoman in Baghdad, said the photos could have been taken from January 2004 to April 2004, 'based on the background of the photos and appearance of him.'

"Hussein, who was captured in December 2003, has been jailed at a complex near Baghdad airport named Camp Cropper, which holds 110 high-profile detainees.

"Aside from U.S. soldiers, the only others with access to Hussein are his legal team, prosecuting judge Raed Johyee and the International Committee for the Red Cross. The ICRC also criticized publishing the photos."
- "Tabloid says it paid U.S. official for Saddam Hussein photos," The Daily Breeze

Of course, taking and publishing photographs for purposes of humiliating POWs is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. The Bush administration is clearly aware of this from their troubles over torture-mills in Cuba, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Yet the Saddam photos were released to the press anyway, and of course right-wingnut Rupert Murdoch was more than eager to put them on the front page of a couple of sensationalist rags that he owns.

It didn't escape notice though:

"WASHINGTON -- A British and an American newspaper published a full-page photograph yesterday of Saddam Hussein in his underwear and other pictures of him in his jail cell, sparking a US military inquiry and allegations from human rights advocates that the humiliating photos violate Geneva Conventions guidelines on the treatment of prisoners of war.

"The most prominent picture, splashed on the front pages of The Sun of London and the New York Post, both owned by Rupert Murdoch, depicts the weary-looking deposed dictator standing in white briefs. In other photographs on inside pages, the newspapers show Hussein washing his pants and sleeping. 'Butcher of Sagdad,' the Post blared, referring to the 68-year-old Hussein's physique.

"The Sun said in a news story accompanying the photos that they were provided by a US military official they did not identify who hoped that publication of the pictures would deal a blow to the insurgency in Iraq by showing the once-feared Hussein as a powerless figure."
- Hussein photographs spark military inquiry

Here are a few other links on the issue:
Scantily Clad Saddam: Geneva Conventions Violation?
U.S. Investigates tabloid's Saddam photos
Pentagon vows to probe Saddam photos

Will the Bush administration ever stop humiliating America with its illegal wars and blatant war crimes? Well, it isn't hard to humiliate them right back. Just use a little imagination.

First of all, imagine George W. Bush in his white undies. Can you stop laughing? Like he isn't enough of a goofball with his clothes ON!

OK, now Dick Cheney. Ewww, that's DISGUSTING. Sorry for making you nauseated. But I have to wonder what size bra he takes...

OK, one more, for the bravest of the brave. Ariel Sharon. Can you even see a human form through all of that blubber? A sort of large mammal mutant species, with a really ugly human head on top. Yeah, he's not exactly a part of the Bush administration, but you'd never guess that from Bush's love affair with the man.

When you're done vomiting, think back to the photos of Saddam, now readily available through any internet search engine. Compare him to any of our government "leaders" -- doesn't look too bad for a man his age, does he? And so yet another lame government stunt backfires -- Bush not only has another Geneva violation for the history books (and maybe even a war crimes tribunal someday), but he's made it quite clear what a couple of uglies he & Dick Cheney really are. Like, if they didn't have money, they'd have no women at all. (Or in Georgie's case, no men.)

And don't forget... DICK CHENEY IN HIS UNDERWEAR! Ah-ha-ha, made ya vomit.

Technically this cartoon is NOT a Geneva Conventions violation, as the men pictured below, while all war criminals, are NOT yet POWs. (Scroll down for the black & white version.)
Copyright 2005 by Alan Groening (contact the artist for licensing)

The black & white version -- perfect for black & white office printers, for those decorating their cubicle walls. Amaze co-workers with the ugliness of Dick Cheney and other world leaders!
Copyright 2005 by Alan Groening (contact the artist for licensing)

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© 2005 by Pam Rotella, except for cartoon which is copyright by Alan Groening 2005.
Although the cartoon was drawn for pamrotella.com, you can contact the artist directly for permission and arrangements to use this cartoon through his web site, animationmountain.com.

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