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Latest Republican Plan for Social Security... Work 'til you drop!
[Posted 15 June 2005]

CNN reported today that Republicans are now considering raising the retirement age to 69. Just a few years ago it was raised to 67 -- when 65 had been the retirement age for decades, since Social Security was instituted.

Surviving to 65 without sinking deep into poverty was already a challenge for Americans, with all of the health problems and age discrimination that comes with being elderly in America. The life expectancy of Americans is somewhere around 70 years according to the World Health Organization, and so this latest Republican ploy will give Americans on average 1 year to enjoy their retirement before dying of old age. That's for those lucky enough to make it to 69.

I'm amazed that anyone is still willing to vote Republican. It's just one cruel scheme after another with that party, even kicking old people out in the street isn't too evil for Republicans.

Here's an excerpt from today's CNN article on the matter -- see for yourself:

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Work till you're 69 before getting full Social Security benefits?

"That's one possibility -- for Americans who retire two decades or more into the future -- as Republicans on a key Senate committee review suggestions for improving the program's solvency.

"...an increase in the retirement age is one of the suggestions that Sen. Charles Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, outlined last week for fellow Republicans on the panel, according to several officials. Officials said Grassley's suggestion for raising the retirement age would be phased in, possibly over two decades or more, depending on future demographic trends.

"The Iowa Republican has also suggested steps to hold down benefits for future upper-income retirees. The officials who described his presentation did so on condition of anonymity, saying the discussions were confidential.

"Under current law, the age for retiring with full Social Security benefits is 65 years and six months. It is rising gradually until it reaches 67 for individuals born in 1960 or later.

"The GOP lawmakers on the committee are scheduled to meet again on Thursday to continue their work, hoping to agree on a plan that can unify Republicans and allow them to advance one of President Bush's key second-term priorities.

"The issue has become intensely contentious in Congress, with public polls indicating tepid support for Bush's call to allow younger workers to create voluntary personal accounts funded out of their Social Security payroll taxes. Democrats accuse the White House of seeking to privatize the depression-era program, while supporters of the accounts argue they are needed to modernize it."

- Officials: Senators consider raising retirement age, 15 June 2005, CNN.

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