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8-August-2009, Saturday:
Today is 8/8, the �official launch date� of the news board format for PamRotella.com! After a few days of giving the new format a scaled down test run, I�m now considering a WEEKLY news format to start, instead of DAILY. With a weekly format, I would add links as I had time throughout the week, not necessarily first thing every day. We�ll see. For now, thanks for reading, and I�ll continue to fine-tune the new format over the following days and weeks. - PR

San Diego�s Panda Cam crashes due to overload; Online feed was down for about 30 minutes Friday, works intermittently
�SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Zoo's pandas have become such cyberstars that their Panda Cam got caught in a popularity crunch.

�The zoo says the online camera feed, which monitors 300-pound mom Bai Yun and her 4-ounce, 1-day-old cub, crashed Thursday morning because of increased Internet traffic. The zoo's blogs went down about the same time.�

PAM COMMENTARY: Awww, SO CUTE! Here�s a link to the Panda Cam -- try not to get too addicted:
�Giant panda Bai Yun gave birth to her fifth cub at 4:58 a.m. The sex of the mostly hairless, pink newborn, which is about the size of a stick of butter, will not be known for some time, and it will be approximately one month before the iconic black-and-white coloration of a giant panda becomes visible.�

Top Blue Dog Boasts: "We Held Bill Hostage," Killed Single Payer (VIDEO) [BF]
�Rep. Mike Ross on Thursday boasted about how his Blue Dog coalition �held the [health care] bill hostage in committee for 10 days� and prevented a single player plan.

The Arkansas Democrat said that the conservative group's opposition ensured �that we don't end up with some type of single payer system,� Firedoglake reported.�

The Health Insurers Have Already Won [R]
�The industry has already accomplished its main goal of at least curbing, and maybe blocking altogether, any new publicly administered insurance program that could grab market share from the corporations that dominate the business. UnitedHealth has distinguished itself by more deftly and aggressively feeding sophisticated pricing and actuarial data to information-starved congressional staff members. With its rivals, the carrier has also achieved a secondary aim of constraining the new benefits that will become available to tens of millions of people who are currently uninsured. That will make the new customers more lucrative to the industry.

�Matheson, whose Blue Dogs command 52 votes in the House, can't offer enough praise for UnitedHealth, the largest company of its kind. �The tried and true message of their advocacy,� he says, �is making sure the information they provide is accurate and considered.�

�Representative Mike Ross, an Arkansas Democrat who leads the Blue Dogs' negotiations on health reform, also welcomes input from UnitedHealth. �If United has something to offer on cutting costs, we should consider it,� says Ross, a former small-town pharmacy owner. �We need more examples that work, and everything should be on the table.��

S.C. first lady, sons move out of state residence; Jenny Sanford will continue to work on marriage, but from 120 miles away
�COLUMBIA, S.C. - The wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford moved out of the official governor's residence with their four sons Friday, a little more than a month after he admitted to a yearlong affair with an Argentine woman he called his �soul mate.�

�The governor, who spoke to reporters elsewhere in the state later Friday, termed the reconciliation �a day at a time process� and said the move was a mutual decision.

��It's been brewing for a while and something we've been back and forth on and kicked around at length. It was not entered into lightly but with a whole lot of thought and prayer,� he said.

Jenny Sanford is a former Wall Street vice president who helped launch her husband's political career only to endure his tearful public confession in June. She had separated from her husband and sought refuge with her sons at the couple's coastal home two weeks before news of the affair broke.�

PAM COMMENTARY: Whatever. People make too much of politicians� sex lives, probably because it�s something simple enough for everyone to understand and relate to. But they weren�t elected to work on their relationships -- the bottom line is what they�re doing for us. That�s what they were hired for, and as with any other employee, it should be the standard they�re judged by. Sex is just a distraction to take our attention away from what really matters.

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[AJ] - InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, or other Alex Jones-affiliated sites
[BF] - BuzzFlash.com
[DN] - DemocracyNow.org
[R] - Rense.com
[WRH] - WhatReallyHappened.com


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