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Alex Jones Show covers G20: "Video From G20 the Corporate Media Will Never Show You" [AJ]
BBC Video Reveals Police Violence at G20
Military Attacks American Citizens With Sound Weapons & Tear Gas At G20
Military Police Kidnap G20 Protester, Shove Him Into Unmarked Car
Mindless Neo-Cons Claim G20 Abduction Video Is �Fake�

Drinking water unsafe at thousands of schools
"It's an outrage," said Marc Edwards, an engineer at Virginia Tech University who has been honored for his work on water quality. "If a landlord doesn't tell a tenant about lead paint in an apartment, he can go to jail. But we have no system to make people follow the rules to keep school children safe?"

The contamination is most apparent at schools with wells, which represent 8 to 11 percent of the nation's schools. Roughly one of every five schools with its own water supply violated the Safe Drinking Water Act in the past decade, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency analyzed by the AP.

In California's farm belt, wells at some schools are so tainted with pesticides that students have taken to stuffing their backpacks with bottled water for fear of getting sick from the drinking fountain.

Obama renews old Bush accusations against Iran, claims a new enrichment site
To put it simply: Iran must comply with U.N. Security Council resolutions and make clear it is willing to meet its responsibilities as a member of the community of nations. We have offered Iran a clear path toward greater international integration if it lives up to its obligations, and that offer stands. But the Iranian government must now demonstrate through deeds its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to international standards and international law.

PAM COMMENTARY: Is it just me, or is this guy sounding more like the LAST guy we just threw out of there, GEORGE BUSH? Remember all the lies Bush was caught fabricating, trying to get us into a THIRD war in Iran? We've been down this road before, and I'm not falling for it. A lot of nations have nuclear weapons including Israel, and we're not threatening to impose sanctions or attack them.

Obama to Set Higher Bar For Keeping State Secrets
The Obama administration will announce a new policy Wednesday making it much more difficult for the government to claim that it is protecting state secrets when it hides details of sensitive national security strategies such as rendition and warrantless eavesdropping, according to two senior Justice Department officials.

The new policy requires agencies, including the intelligence community and the military, to convince the attorney general and a team of Justice Department lawyers that the release of sensitive information would present significant harm to "national defense or foreign relations." In the past, the claim that state secrets were at risk could be invoked with the approval of one official and by meeting a lower standard of proof that disclosure would be harmful.

That claim was asserted dozens of times during the Bush administration, legal scholars said.

The shift could have a broad effect on many lawsuits, including those filed by alleged victims of torture and electronic surveillance. Authorities have frequently argued that judges should dismiss those cases at the outset to avoid the release of information that could compromise national security.

PAM COMMENTARY: Bush made everything into a "state secret" to conceal his crimes. The problem I foresee with this new policy is that the checks are all internal to the Justice Department. So that means when there's a new Attorney General appointed by another criminal like Bush, they'll just approve everything to cover up their own crimes again. Gotta make it accountable to someone else, to give it at least some chance of evading abuse.

CIA Torturers Running Scared [WRH]
The most vulnerable of the Gang of Seven, George Tenet, is not the brightest star in the heavens, but even he was able to figure out years ago that he and his accomplices might end up having to pay a heavy price for violating international and U.S. criminal law.

In his memoir, At the Center of the Storm, Tenet notes that what the CIA needed were �the right authorities� and policy determination to do the bidding of President George W. Bush:

�Sure, it was a risky proposition when you looked at it from a policy maker�s point of view. We were asking for and we would be given as many authorities as CIA had ever had. Things could blow up. People, me among them, could end up spending some of the worst days of our lives justifying before congressional overseers our new freedom to act.� (p. 178)

Tenet and his masters assumed, correctly, that given the mood of the times and the lack of spine among lawmakers, congressional �overseers� would relax into their accustomed role as congressional overlookers.

Unfortunately for him, Tenet seems to have confined his concern at the time to the invertebrates in Congress, not anticipating a rejuvenated Justice Department that might take its role in enforcing the law seriously.

PAM COMMENTARY: I only WISH people from the Bush administration and their worst offenders will be held accountable some day. We'll see if it ever really happens. And there's no excuse for torture.

Exhibit showcases paintings of ancient Rome
It features some 100 works, some 2,000 years old, mainly fragments of decorations that used to cover entire walls in opulent homes, as well as portraits, some on glass.

The frescoes depict mythological scenes, landscapes and goddesses clad in veils on a darker background, as if they were floating on air. The landscapes feature temples, rivers, animals and shepherds, combining to depict an imaginary world rather than an actual scene, said exhibit curator Eugenio La Rocca.

"Roman homes were highly decorated, the walls were like a theater scene," La Rocca said. "One can see the will to forget the everyday life and create a world of fantasy."

Patsy Arrested With FBI-supplied Explosives in Dallas Bomb Plot [AJ]
Hosam Maher Husein Smadi was arrested Thursday after he parked a vehicle laden with government-supplied fake explosives in the underground parking garage of Fountain Place, a 60-story tower in the 1400 block of Ross Avenue at North Field Street, authorities said.

PAM COMMENTARY: Why are we financing government agents who instigate and supply materials for terrorist plots? They need to spend their time on REAL crimes that have ALREADY happened to people, like the abundance of unsolved murders, rapes, and other serious crimes in this country. I'm sure it's a lazy worker's dream to create a crime and then act like a big hero in "solving" it. Much easier than using their brains and having the work ethic to investigate and solve crimes they DIDN'T cook up themselves!

"Oh, I'm such a valuable employee! I just planned and solved a big terrorist plot in a single afternoon! Call the press and tell them what a big hero I am! Can I have that big ole paycheck now? Yummy. . . Easy money. . . "

(FLASHBACK) The FBI's role in the Bombing of Environmental Activist Judi Bari [DN]
JUDI BARI: I thought the FBI was evil before all this stuff happened, but my cynicism has had a very hard time keeping up with reality in this case, because this one even shocked me. What we discovered in the course of the depositions is that one month before the bomb went off in my car on May 24th 1990, almost exactly a month to the date, the FBI conducted a �bomb school��their words�in Eureka, California, up in the redwood region. And what they did at bomb school was they blew up cars with pipe bombs and practiced responding. And the teacher of bomb school was Special Agent Frank Doyle, the very same one who took over the scene.

And the students at bomb school included at least five�and we�re trying to find out more�of the responding officers who worked under him picking up the debris. So when we asked Sergeant Hanson from the Oakland Police, �How could you say that this bomb was in the back seat?� he said, �Well, if Frank Doyle was my teacher, I wasn�t about to contradict him.� So, certainly, he set up a line of authority with that.

But then there�s something else that they did. The other thing they say about bomb school is, the place where they have this bomb school, the place where they blew up these cars, was on Louisiana-Pacific land, and Louisiana-Pacific, of course, being one of our principal adversaries. And, you know, we asked if Louisiana-Pacific�s security was there, and, well, yes, they would be there to secure their interest. So this alliance of LP and the FBI and this exercise of blowing up cars and practicing responding [inaudible].

Virtually, what they did�Frank Doyle told the class at bomb school�he said that when people bomb each other, they hardly ever put the bomb inside the passenger compartment, because it�s allegedly so hard to break into a car. OK? Instead, he says, they strap it underneath the car, or they put it in the engine. And so, since one of the reasons that they say they knew this was my bomb was because the bomb was inside the passenger compartment. And so, if you think about what he�s doing here, you know, you can take your choice how to describe this�you can either be a conspiracy theorist, or you can be a coincidence theorist.

But one way or another, one month before the bombing, Frank Doyle told the people that this bomb scene�they actually created the same crime scene that they were about to respond to. They blew up three cars. We said, �Well, where were the bombs in the cars that they blew up?� Two out of three were in the passenger compartment. What he�s doing is he has created virtually the same crime scene that they�re about to respond to, and he�s told them that this crime scene is not consistent with the victim of a bombing; it�s consistent with transporting a bomb.

In addition to setting up this line of authority, Frank Doyle also prejudiced people�s response. So I�m not saying that bomb school means that they had prior knowledge of the bomb�we�ll have to wait and see about that one�but it certainly did those two things: it certainly prejudiced the respondents, and it set up a line of authority.

PAM COMMENTARY: Ahem. ". . . Call the press and tell them what a big hero I am! Can I have that big ole government paycheck now? Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum. . . "

The New McCarthyism [WRH]
Hoover's desire to remake Hollywood into a gigantic propaganda machine had started at the end of WW1 when Hoover tried to persuade Charlie Chaplin to cease making films that portrayed authority figures as oafish buffoons. Chaplin refused, laughed at Hoover. Years later, as head of the FBI, Hoover was instrumental in having Charlie Chaplin's citizenship revoked in retaliation.

Hoover's mania with Hollywood was a seldom reported but constant factor in show business. The 1959 film, "The FBI Story" starring Air Force General Jimmy Stewart was reportedly directed by Mervyn LeRoy, but in actuality J. Edgar Hoover was personally supervising the film (and briefly appears in it, shown only from the back) to make certain the "correct" image of the FBI was shown.

In later years, FBI informants became permanent fixtures at movie studios, and spied for the FBI. When Disney Studios made "That Darned Cat", a pre-production copy of the screenplay "somehow" made its way to the FBI, which promptly sent Disney a memo expressing concern at how the FBI was to be portrayed.

. . . Along with "nudging" the film studios to portray certain things certain ways, the FBI did not hesitate to wreck the careers of those people it felt posed a dangerous threat to the government's public image. During the height of the FBI's COINTELPRO program, the FBI destroyed the career of actress Jean Seberg.

Jean Seberg was considered a threat to the US Government because of her public support for civil rights at a time when the Civil Rights movement was starting to point out the racial bias in the draft system that placed a disproportionate percentage of black kids on the front lines of Vietnam. Seberg was also a supporter of the Black Panthers in their pre-militant days when their agenda was breakfasts for the ghetto kids, local control of school curriculum, and ending the draft.

Jean Seberg, a well known actress in the 60s, became pregnant and the FBI sent out letters to the gossip columnists identifying the baby's father as a Black Panther, in order to cheapen Seberg's image. Keep in mind that the 60s was an era in which sexual relations between blacks and whites was still considered taboo by most Americans.

PAM COMMENTARY: ". . . Oooh, government money for thinkin' up vicious lies. It sure beats an honest day's work! Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum. . . "

Meat-eaters aren't at more risk for brain cancer; Large study fails to link chemical in cured meats with deadly tumors
The study, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, looked at the potential link between brain tumors called gliomas and people's intake of meat and compounds called nitrosamines.

Nitrosamines, which are potentially cancer-promoting, are present in certain foods, or are formed in the body other chemicals we eat called sodium nitrites and nitrates. These compounds are used in preserving and flavoring processed and cured meats � like hot dogs, bacon, sausage and ham � which makes those foods major sources of dietary nitrosamines.

For several decades, researchers have thought that nitrosamines � which can cross from the blood to the brain � may contribute to the risk of gliomas, a group of brain tumors that makes up about 80 percent of malignant brain cancers in adults.

But studies so far have come to inconsistent conclusions.

PAM COMMENTARY: I would have been surprised if meat-eating had been linked to BRAIN cancer. First, it's pretty well-established that the spike in brain cancer has been linked to cell phones and aspartame (although aspartame can cause many types of health problems, including other types of cancer). Meat-eating is more known for colon cancer, or even more likely than cancer, atherosclerosis and heart attacks or strokes, among increased risks for other health problems. And I'd expect nitrates to inflame the lining of blood vessels more than I'd expect them to cause cancer. Plus, if nitrates caused brain cancer, brain cancer would have been rising BEFORE aspartame and cell phones became popular. (Sometimes the historical timeline can be revealing.)

But I don't want to discourage researchers from doing a study on theories that seem iffy -- sometimes the results surprise us, and we learn something new that way.

Here are a few short excerpts on aspartame from environmental cancer expert Devra Davis' book The Secret History of the War on Cancer, New York: Basic Books, 2007, pp. 419-20, 423, 424-25:

In January 1977, FDA Chief Counsel Richard Merrill made agency history. He formally asked the U.S. Attorney�s office to convene a grand jury to decide whether to indict the major producer of aspartame, G.D. Searle, for knowingly misrepresenting �findings, concealing material facts and making false statements� in aspartame safety tests. That this investigation never happened speaks volumes about the difficulty of acquiring independent information on commercially valuable products.

Two decades after this indictment had been filed, I spoke with James Olney, a research neurologist and psychiatrist at Washington University in St. Louis, about aspartame�s early history. What he told me was hard to believe. In 1969, Searle asked the researcher Harry Waisman to study aspartame in seven infant monkeys. After a year of drinking milk flavored with the stuff, one was dead and five had suffered severe epileptic seizures. In the spring of 1971, Waisman died and his research was never completed. Olney�s own studies showed that aspartame paired with the food flavoring monosodium glutamate produced brain tumors in rats.

. . . Olney, who published original studies showing that rats exposed to aspartame developed brain abnormalities in the 1970s and 1980s, returned to the subject in 1996, asking whether patterns of brain cancer in adults in the early 1990s might reflect past use of aspartame. He told me that even though his findings were written in the tentative tone of scientific inquiry, when this paper, questioning whether brain tumors could be tied with aspartame use, was accepted for publication by the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, attorneys for Monsanto asked the editors not to publish the work. . .

What about aspartame? Maltoni died in 2001, but his work continued. Eighteen hundred Sprague-Dawley rats were allowed to eat aspartame from the age of eight weeks until their natural deaths about three years later. The study demonstrated for the first time that the artificial sweetener, when administered to rats in feed, caused a statistically significant, dose-related increase of lymphomas/leukemias and tumors of the renal pelvis and ureter in females and malignant tumors of peripheral nerves in males. Moreover, these tumors occurred even at a daily dose well under that allowed in America or Europe, namely 50 mg/kg and 40 mg/kg respectively. This table from the European Ramazzini Foundation estimates the average amount of aspartame consumed from only a few of the 6,000 products in which it is present.

. . . This study was the first to show that aspartame caused cancer in multiple organs.

Paterson Says He Will Run, Rejecting Call From Obama
Gov. David A. Paterson defiantly vowed to run for election next year despite the White House�s urging that he withdraw from the New York governor�s race.

Appearing tired and agitated at a parade in Harlem on Sunday, the governor told a crowd of reporters that he would not abandon his campaign to seek a full term.

�I have said time and time again that I am running for governor next year,� he said at the 40th annual African-American Day Parade.

PAM COMMENTARY: Awww, I kind of like Governor Paterson! Because of the way he came into office, he didn't have to sell himself to big corporations or special interests. And true to form, as far as I can tell he seems to be a really honest guy. In fact, remember what happened after Spitzer stepped down due to an affair? Paterson and his wife discussed how they'd had affairs in the past, during a difficult time in their marriage! He also admitted to past drug use. Gotta love that honesty, it's scarce in the political world.

Poisoned patriots? Stricken Marines seek help with illnesses
Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, 16 years after he served at Camp Lejeune. Now a single father of a 7-year-old boy and without health insurance, he filed a claim with the VA to help pay his medical bills.

Kelly said his VA representative told him, "It's not the VA's problem, it's the Marine Corps' problem."

And Peter Devereaux, who was stationed at Camp Lejeune in the early 1980s, was told in writing that his breast cancer "neither occurred in nor was caused by service."

But Kelly, Devereaux and other stricken men CNN interviewed say the Marine Corps knew about the contamination in tap water years before it shut down tainted wells in the mid-1980s. Now they want the service to acknowledge that the water from those wells made them sick, which could make them eligible for VA benefits.

"They want it to go away, and it kind of just makes you sick with disgust," Devereaux said.

The men with breast cancer are among about 1,600 retired Marines and Camp Lejeune residents who have filed claims against the federal government. According to congressional investigators, they are seeking nearly $34 billion in compensation for health problems they say stemmed from drinking water at the base that was contaminated with several toxic chemicals, including some the federal government has classified as known or potential cancer-causing agents.

Blackwater involved in Bhutto and Hariri hits: former Pakistani army chief [WRH]
TEHRAN - Pakistan�s former chief of army staff, General Mirza Aslam Beg (ret.), has said the U.S. private security company Blackwater was directly involved in the assassinations of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto and former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Blackwater later changed its name and is now known as Xe.

General Beg recently told the Saudi Arabian daily Al Watan that former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf had given Blackwater the green light to carry out terrorist operations in the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Quetta.

General Beg, who was chief of army staff during Benazir Bhutto�s first administration, said U.S. officials always kept the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan secret because they were afraid of possible attacks on the U.S. Embassy and its consulates in Pakistan.

During an interview with a Pakistani TV network last Sunday, Beg claimed that the United States killed Benazir Bhutto.

Beg stated that the former Pakistani prime minister was killed in an international conspiracy because she had decided to back out of the deal through which she had returned to the country after nine years in exile.

1 in 4 teens with own car has been in a crash; Kids who share car and whose parents set clear rules are safer, study says
Parents beware: Giving in to teens' demands for their own cars can have dangerous consequences, new research suggests.

Teenagers with their own cars or free use of one are much more likely to get in crashes than those who share a car. And crashes are much less common among teens whose parents set clear driving safety rules.

Alcohol May Protect the Brain During an Accident
Alcohol, a drug that is a major cause of accidents, may actually protect the brain from a life-threatening injury when an accident does occur, according to a study published this week in Archives of Surgery.

In the study of 38,000 patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries who were admitted to U.S. hospitals between 2000 and 2005, 38% had alcohol in their blood. Such patients had a lower risk of dying of their injuries than those who hadn�t been drinking.

PAM COMMENTARY: This confirms the folk wisdom that drunks never seem to be the ones harmed in auto accidents. Dr. Blaylock's book on Excitotoxins covers how alcohol can protect the brain somewhat from eating MSG and aspartame, and I assume it's the same reason alcohol helps the brain in accidents. Be careful about using alcohol, though -- it's more likely to get you into an accident than protect you from one. Best to pull over somewhere safe and have a coffee or nap it off. I'm also of the opinion that dehydration is part of the reason alcohol impairs judgment, and have observed personally the benefits of drinking plenty of water before, during, and after consuming alcoholic beverages. And if absolutely having to drive with some alcohol in the system, it's important not to let that care-free attitude take over. Force yourself to stay attentive, despite the alcohol telling you that it's OK to kick back and take it easy.

One thing I got from Blaylock's book was that before eating MSG or aspartame, or being in an accident, the brain should be in good shape, as in having enough magnesium and other nutrients for optimum brain chemistry. I think that's one thing that saved me during the 2002 accident -- I'd been taking supplements beforehand like flaxseed oil, a good multi-vitamin, and calcium/magnesium.

Old drug DCA might tests well in cancer study (video) [WRH]
PAM COMMENTARY: This is a drug, not a natural cure, but sounds interesting. The video covers the very real problem of how drug companies won't be interested, because it won't make them money.

Tylenol recalls some children's medications due to bacterial contamination
The makers of Tylenol have recalled almost two dozen types of children's and infant's medications as a precaution against possible contamination. The liquid products were being voluntarily pulled from stores and warehouses because bacteria were detected in one of the inactive ingredients, the company said.

The company said in a letter that no bacteria were found in the finished product, and that the likelihood of a serious medical event is remote. But it said it decided after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration that it would recall the products.

The company did not announce whether any children had been sickened by the medicines.

Brain Scans Reveal What You�ve Seen
Scientists are one step closer to knowing what you�ve seen by reading your mind.

Having modeled how images are represented in the brain, the researchers translated recorded patterns of neural activity into pictures of what test subjects had seen.

Though practical applications are decades away, the research could someday lead to dream-readers and thought-controlled computers.

�It�s what you would actually use if you were going to build a functional brain-reading device,� said Jack Gallant, a University of California, Berkeley neuroscientist.

PAM COMMENTARY: I've read articles through the years with technology descriptions that went well beyond this, and have seen and heard claims that mind-reading and controlling computers were already in place decades ago. I wouldn't be surprised if the government seizes and classifies whatever technology the researcher has described here and tries to get him on their payroll, like they did with Patrick Flanagan and his inventions. Remember Flanagan's interview on the Jeff Rense radio show, where he and his colleagues discovered Lilly waves coming through the electrical grid.

Brad Blog on Sibel Edmonds' revelations [WRH]
Edmonds is more specific than even in her recent deposition, in explaining what she's been disallowed from talking about publicly for so long. She names very specific names, describes massive government infiltration and the theft of weapons technology and nuclear secrets beginning at the very top of government (the State Department and top White House officials and appointees), going through Congress (at least half a dozen current and former members) and defense contractors (RAND), through Ph.D. programs (MIT) and highly-classified nuclear facilities (Sandia, Los Alamos) and even, for good measure, through the media (New York Times) and beyond.

She discusses a well-organized foreign intelligence black market superstore, benefiting everyone from treasonous U.S. officials to operatives and governments in Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, al-Qaeda, and beyond.

PAM COMMENTARY: I've already linked to her big interview on an earlier date, but I'm sure she still knows more than is public.

Enrollment in Avastin breast cancer study halted
NEW YORK � Swiss drug developer Roche said Friday six cases of patients with heart failure symptoms prompted a halt to enrollment in a National Cancer Institute sponsored study of its blockbuster drug Avastin.

The U.S. National Cancer Institute and U.S. Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, which is conducting the study, told Roche it suspended adding new patients to the late-stage study because of the heart failure symptoms in the early-stage breast cancer patients. Symptoms include shortness of breath and fatigue, along with swelling in certain parts of the body.

The study focuses on Avastin's effectiveness as an adjuvant in combination with chemotherapy. The drug is already approved to treat various stages of colon, lung, brain, and kidney cancer and is one of Roche's biggest moneymakers.

Canadian Study Links Seasonal Flu Shot to H1N1 [AJ]
An unpublished Canadian study that suggests seasonal flu shots raise a person�s risk of catching swine flu is raising concern abroad and triggering changes to flu vaccine program schedules at home.

The data, referred to as �the Canadian problem� by some scientists outside this country, are reported to link getting a flu shot last year with double the risk of contracting swine flu this year.

Iraqi Labor Leaders Denounce US Occupation & Iraq�s Anti-Labor Laws [DN]
AMY GOODMAN: Falah Alwan, I want to switch gears, as we come to the end of the discussion�that�s oil privatization. Biden, our Vice President, was in Iraq promoting privatization. What�s happening with oil and workers in Iraq?

FALAH ALWAN: Well, I think privatization of the oil is the economical dimension of the occupation itself. So, it is the main important issue for the occupation to impose the privatization, but there is a mass refusing to this project. That is why they are privatization�privatizing the oil indirectly by the leases or by the contracts with the companies.

You can see that the US administration insists to impose this so-called oil law in the time that they are never intervene to impose a worker law or to urge the Iraqi authorities to expand the workers� rights. I think the privatization of the oil is a strategic task of the US administration. So, it is a main dimension of the occupation.

Obama: We Need To Bail Out Newspapers Or Blogs Will Run The World [WRH]
Obama yesterday expressed concern at the sorry state of the news industry and said that he will look at a news paper bailout, because otherwise, blogs will take over the world, and that would be a threat to democracy, The Hill reports.

"I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding," he said.

PAM COMMENTARY: There are pros and cons to hardcopy newspapers. It's good to have news organizations large enough to finance several fulltime reporters. But the big flaw in the model is that news organizations tend to be controlled by advertisers -- their reporters may have time and resources to do the work, but aren't always allowed by editors to cover real issues or tell the truth. That's why radio and internet shows like Democracy Now! and Alex Jones have managed to gather huge audiences.

Interim successor to Sen. Kennedy sworn in; Paul Kirk gives Democrats a filibuster-resistant, 60-vote majority
The Boston attorney, 71, will serve in the interim post until Massachusetts voters pick a replacement in a Jan. 19 special election.

"It's the highest honor in my life, accepted in humility," said Kirk, who became the sixth appointed senator this session.

What To Do If You Are Forced To Take a Swine Flu Shot by Drs. Russell Blaylock and Joseph Mercola [WRH]
Dr. Cannell is on one of my colleagues in this area and has done enormous good in educating the public about this issue. Unfortunately we do not share the same position about vaccines. He is actually advising people to take them and he strongly believes that there is a chance that it could save people's lives.

I couldn't disagree more strongly with his position but I respect his right to maintain it. Just reminds me that the last position nearly every physician is willing to give up is their position on vaccines. I have seen it time and time again. So while Dr. Cannell has done us all a major service in educating us on vitamin D, I believe he hasn't taken the next step and evaluated the vaccine issue as carefully as he has the vitamin D one.

PAM COMMENTARY: Blaylock and Mercola are a couple of the most famous and respected doctors in the US. This page links to videos of Blaylock, with comments by Mercola.

Calls for cooperation mix with raw rhetoric in U.N. speeches
Dressed in a traditional Libyan cap and robe, he elaborated on what he said is the unfairness of the structure of the U.N. Security Council, which has five permanent members -- the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain, each with veto power.

"Are we equal in permanent seats?" Gadhafi asked. "No, we're not equals."

He said the Security Council has provided not security, but "terror and sanctions." No one should accept the resolutions of the Security Council, he said, adding that the body should be called the "terror council."

He also slammed U.S. military actions in places such as Panama, Vietnam and Grenada and called the invasion of Iraq "the mother of all evils."

On the Middle East, he said the solution for Israelis and Palestinians "is a democratic state without religious fanaticism" and said people on both sides want to live in one state.

PAM COMMENTARY: I was shopping near a wall of TVs in the corner of a store when CNN aired a part of Gadhafi's speech. Gadhafi was making legitimate points and drew my attention, but then CNN stopped airing his speech and cut to a couple of talking heads, pseudo-propaganda agents belittling the thoughtful and truthful remarks we'd just heard.

Gadhafi can speak for himself -- I don't need to be lied to by a couple of blather-bots. So I walked away and stayed out of earshot. What a letdown, whenever anyone passionate or intelligent makes it onto the airwaves they get cut off, and we have to listen to annoying paid airheads reading the latest talking points. It reminds me of that old Dylan song -- ". . . Yes, I wish that for just one time, you could stand inside my shoes. You'd know what a drag it is to see you."

Michael Jackson: 'Hitler was a genius' [R]
During one interview, Jackson said: "Hitler was a genius orator. To make that many people turn and change and hate, he had to be a showman and he was."

Boteach then asked the star: "You believe that if you had an hour with Hitler you could somehow touch something inside of him?"

Jackson replied: "Absolutely. I know I could."

He went on to argue that nobody is totally evil, adding: "You have to help them, give them therapy, teach them that somewhere, something in their life went wrong."

Boteach, 42, who recorded more than 30 hours of interviews with Jackson, told The Sun: "Michael despised what Hitler had done. When it came to believing he could heal Hitler, that was hopeless na�ty."

Fanged frog, 162 other new species found; Environmental group announces findings from Mekong River region
Experts said a range of factors contributed to the upsurge in new species, including better access to regions that have seen decades of war and political unrest and more spending by governments on research to protect and identify plants and animals.

The WWF, which plans to publish yearly tabulations of newly discovered species in the Mekong, called for increased efforts to ensure new species are protected by preserving the large areas of forest and the free-flowing river networks they need to survive.

The nightmare is finally over for Ehren Watada; 1st Lt. Ehren Watada to resign from Army [WRH]
HONOLULU � The Army is allowing the first commissioned officer to be court-martialed for refusing to go to Iraq to resign from the service, his attorney said late Friday.

First Lt. Ehren Watada will be granted a discharge Oct. 2, �under other than honorable conditions,� attorney Kenneth Kagan said.

Watada told The Honolulu Star-Bulletin he was happy the matter has finally been closed.

PAM COMMENTARY: See old related story on Democracy Now!, Lt. Ehren Watada Faces Court Martial for Refusing to Serve in Iraq.

Colo. surgery tech in hepatitis case pleads guilty; Woman, 26, may face 20-year prison term for allegedly exposing thousands
DENVER - A surgery technician who infected at least 16 hospital patients with hepatitis C and may have exposed thousands more pleaded guilty to some charges Friday in an agreement that includes a 20-year prison term.

Kristen Diane Parker, 26, had pleaded not guilty to the 42-count indictment but in the plea agreement Friday acknowledged guilt to five counts of tampering with a consumer product and five counts of obtaining a controlled substance by deceit or subterfuge. Prosecutors dropped the rest of the charges.

Prosecutors say Parker, who has tested positive for the disease, stole syringes filled with painkillers to feed a drug habit and replaced them with syringes she used and refilled with saline solution at two hospitals where she worked, Denver's Rose Medical Center and Colorado Springs' Audubon Surgery Center.

(FLASHBACK) Professor Francis Boyle on Alex Jones show - anthrax attacks were an inside job, and used to pass the "Patriot" Act, part 1 of 6 (video) [AJ]

Francis Boyle interview on anthrax (YouTube video), part 2 of 6
Francis Boyle interview, part 3 of 6
Francis Boyle interview, part 4 of 6
Francis Boyle interview, part 5 of 6
Francis Boyle interview, part 6 of 6

PAM COMMENTARY: ". . . I had assumed good faith on the part of the FBI in this investigation . . . " Ah-ha-ha, he's so funny!

This is an old 21 August 2008 (Thursday) interview of Dr. Francis A. Boyle on the Alex Jones Show (InfoWars.com). (For those with the podcast from 8/21/08, this interview starts 3 hours, 14 minutes into the show.) I'm flashing back to it because he reminds us of how the "Patriot" Act was passed -- in the midst of anthrax attacks on Congress which were clearly an inside job from the Executive branch (Bush et al).

The "Patriot" Act includes all kinds of things not related to national security, for example a provision preventing people (read: parents) from suing vaccine manufacturers (read: whose kids were brain-damaged by mercury in the vaccines). This controversial new law was passed as George W. Bush's father had heavy financial investments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Although this is going to be a huge amount of scrolling for my readers to get to the next article, I want to post a partial transcript of this show, because it's just too important when you're talking about vaccines and the "Patriot" Act, on top of the whole anthrax attacks case:

ALEX JONES: OK, for the next 45 minutes, I am very honored -- we're going to skip a few of the breaks for PrisonPlanet.tv viewers and InfoWars.com stream listeners, because this is too important information in the time we have left. If I went over Professor Boyle's bio it would take hours. But he's written international bioweapons conventions. He's been a top-level analyst for the Federal government in that capacity. It just goes on and on with his lengthy bio.

And last time he was on with us, I guess about a year and a half ago, an article that Steve Watson wrote about it was published in scores of newspapers and one of the largest magazines in the country, and some foreign newspapers as well, dealing with the fact that he was saying the anthrax was an inside job. Now, I've got my mother-in-law, that doesn't even believe my show, calling up thinking the government did it. She'll be put on the list now, I'm sure.

Now, I've got -- just all over, everyone saying it's complete bull. Mainstream media saying it's complete bull. You look at the whole story -- they grab this other patsy, put him in the hospital, murder him clearly -- then say that he was always who they knew did it while they persecuted Steven Hatfill. We have this other guy -- Dr. Philip Zack -- breaking into the bioweapons lab when he didn't even work there, not getting in trouble. Still at another bioweapons lab.

It's the most weaponized US anthrax ever seen. The FBI destroys the original samples so that it can't be proven, and so that they can claim that this Dr. Ivins cooked it up in his bathtub or in a basement. Just the miniaturization process takes over a hundred million dollars worth of equipment, it's the size of a gymnasium. It just goes on and on.

But we have a bioweapons expert on with us. Sir, I know you don't like talking about yourself but we're about to break. Will you give us some of your background, though, and your expertise on this, and your bold stance a year and a half ago that's now being echoed by people at Fort Detrick saying Ivins couldn't have done this, and you know, as the plot really thickens, and as their cover-up implodes.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Right, well, the day the technology on the Daschle letter was revealed to the New York Times, I immediately called Marion "Spike" Bowman, who is a high-level counterintelligence official at the FBI, and in fact it turns out was also the person who spiked the FBI's warrant for the Moussaoui computer. But that's another issue.

ALEX JONES: But before we go, tell folks who you are.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, I'm getting to that. He knew me because I had drafted the United States Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 that was passed unanimously by both houses of the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Bush, Sr. That legislation was the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the biological weapons convention, and Mr. Bowman and I had met each other at a terrorism conference at the University of Michigan Law School.

In any event, I told Mr. Bowman -- this was in October of 2001 -- that the only people who had the capability to do this would be those individuals working at either United States government labs, or private contractors, and things of this nature. And that it obviously seemed to me this was US government-related.

He took the information down, and said he would pass it on to the appropriate people handling the investigation. I hung up. And then it occurred to me that I had a complete list of who all these people were, and what these labs were, going back to my work on getting the legislation through.

ALEX JONES: Absolutely. We're going to skip this break for stations out there, and then just come right back into the main segment in four minutes with our guest, a really top bioweapons expert -- helped write some of the international treaties for the United States -- Francis A. Boyle. And we are continuing skipping this break.

(bumper music)

OK, Mr. Boyle, continue.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Oh, sure. So, I called him back and I said, "You know, I have a complete list here of when the program was in the public record, and here's some of the names and some of the facilities." And I went through not all of it, but I went down the list, and I told him where he could get this list. And then I said that "It has already been reported this summer that the CIA was engaged in anthrax work as well -- you could get the CIA list from the CIA."

And then, you know, we talked some more. And he said, "Well, you know the FBI was working with Fort Detrick." And I said, "Well, Fort Detrick could very well be the problem here, that you had someone like a Timothy McVeigh who was once on the reservation and now off the reservation."

So he said again he would communicate this to the people in charge of the investigation.

ALEX JONES: Instead they ran around everywhere saying that it was somebody in a bathtub or in a bucket making it, and now we know the White House ordered Robert Mueller to say that it was Iraq, that it was al-Qaeda, and boy that really shows them being complicit, but please continue.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, it was even worse than that, Alex, in that at that point, you know, I had assumed good faith on the part of the FBI in this investigation. Because, you know, it had killed several people, it had shut down the United States Congress, which I think was probably the greatest political crime ever inflicted on our republic in its history. But then I read that the FBI had authorized the destruction of the U.S. government's Ames strain collection in Ames, Iowa. Ames strain was the strain responsible for US biowarfare programs. Everyone knew that. And indeed, that's all now been confirmed -- you can read it in today's New York Times, there's a story right in there.

ALEX JONES: And of course, we all said this six and a half years ago, but we're still kooks.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Right. So, when I read the FBI had destroyed the entire Ames strain collection in Ames, Iowa, I knew a cover-up was under way. Because you could have taken -- the FBI, legitimate scientific researchers, could have taken that collection and used it to genetically reconstruct precisely where and when and how the weapon came from. And they destroyed it. This was clearly a Federal crime in its own right, destruction of justice (sic). So it was obvious that evidence all should have been preserved as evidence of a crime. I used to teach criminal law here, so it was obvious they were covering up, and covering up ever since.

Indeed, if you read today's New York Times, they also come up with this statement -- they admit that Ivins submitted a culture to them, which they promptly destroyed. So there you have a -- yet again -- another instance of destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice by the FBI.

ALEX JONES: As hurriedly as they could. OK, we're going to come back in with some stations joining us to continue right now with our guest.

(bumper music)

ALEX JONES: Francis Boyle is a Professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He's a graduate of the University of Chicago and Harvard Law School. He's also issued a Ph.D. of political science from Harvard University. And he has just had a bio that's too long to go over, but he's written international bioweapons conventions for the Federal government, advised Congress, written some of the biggest publications out there. The list just goes on and on. He is currently a member of the Nobel Prize for Governor George H. Ryan Committee.

OK, continuing sir, with the FBI covering up this evidence, covering up the original Ames strain, destroying them. Then they find other samples that other people had, that they gave them -- they destroy it immediately. You're saying crimes, obstruction of justice. Why are they covering it up? Well then, we have the White House on Cipro, the anthrax-fighting antibiotic, weeks before the anthrax letters show up -- admitting that, arrogantly. We have political enemies of the Bushes getting it. They use it as a smokescreen to pass the Patriot Act. They're pressuring the FBI -- now public -- ordering them to say al-Qaeda/al CIA-duh did it.

I mean, this is the most open-and-shut case ever for the Federal government -- criminal elements of it -- launching the anthrax attack. Then you have the cover-up, the patsies. I mean, break that down for us.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Yeah, I think it's all clear. On the first weekend in November, I went out to Harvard where I was running a workshop on biological weapons. And I publicly stated at the time that in my opinion, my professional opinion, it was either elements of the United States government itself or contractors working for the United States government that was behind the anthrax attack. And my colleague at the time, Professor Jonathan King of MIT, who's a microbiologist who runs their electron microscope lab, independently said the same thing I did. And I gave interviews on Fox and the BBC and Pacifica, saying this the first week in November.

So it's been very clear, and the reason is that for the FBI cover-up, it would lead back to a secret, covert, illegal, and CRIMINAL offensive biological weapons program involving anthrax. And I say it's criminal because I was the person who drafted the statute making it a crime. And that's what's going on here. That's why all the lying and covering it up all along.

And they're still doing it today. If you read the investigation, the press conference they heard earlier this week by the FBI, it does not add up at all. If you read the article in today's New York Times, it doesn't add up.

Indeed, it appears from today's New York Times (that) the FBI, for example, then set the investigation up by scientists in such a way that no one knew exactly what they were doing and could not communicate with anyone else, and only communicated with the FBI, and only looked at samples provided to them by the FBI, and had to take on good faith from the FBI what the samples were. So, you have the case where the FBI completely controlled, dominated the scientific investigation, including the timing.

ALEX JONES: Well, Dr. Boyle, I want to go through that, and as best as we can piece together who exactly did it and why they did it. But when the mainline public on the street at coffee shops are saying, "Can you believe the government launched the anthrax attack?" They're in trouble. I mean the word's out the White House was on the drug that fights it. The word's out it went to their enemies. The word's out they set the last guy up.

I mean, I think we have a crisis of confidence here. Do you think the FBI knows just how ridiculous they look right now?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well Alex, I think the important issue to realize now is this. You know, the FBI has been lying and covering up on this at least since the time I called Bowman.

But, there is today in existence, a stockpile of super-weapons-grade anthrax that is under the control of the original perpetrators of the anthrax attacks of October 2001. And that stockpile can and will be used again when their masters decide that it would be politically convenient to scare and terrorize the American people.

ALEX JONES: All right, we're going to skip this break, too. Hold on, I just want to let stations to know that. InfoWars.com listeners we're going to continue. Everybody else, we'll be back in 3 minutes. Gotta tune over to infowars.com. Here we go with Dr. Francis Boyle.

(bumper music)

OK, doc, I mean that's the point I keep making. If they carried out the attacks -- and all the evidence, I mean it's 100% they did it, from motive, to means, to the evidence, to the witnesses, to the Cipro. All of it -- it's ridiculous.

A.) What did they think they were doing, because they haven't gotten away with it. I mean, this is really getting them, more than even 9/11. And then, B.) getting into what you just mentioned -- yes, they're still in power, they're still going. They could aerosolize this and say al-Qaeda did it and launch an attack on Iran.

Please continue.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, they could launch another attack on us! And including on Congress, the judiciary, the media. You know, the media is the fourth estate.

ALEX JONES: Do you think this was a beta test? Do you think this was a beta test?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Pardon me?

ALEX JONES: Do you think this was a beta test, then?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: What do you mean by a "beta test?"

ALEX JONES: The first anthrax attack was a beta test to see what the media would do, how Congress would respond?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, I believe the first anthrax attack was designed to ram through the Patriot Act, because Senator Daschle and Senator Leahy were holding it up. And once the anthrax occurred, the attacks occurred, it rammed right through.

Indeed, on the renewal of the USA Patriot Act, Senator Feingold was holding it up, and all of a sudden out of nowhere some white powdered substance appeared at the -- I think one of the Senate office buildings.

ALEX JONES: Yeah, I remember.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: There was an anthrax scare. And then, all of a sudden the renewal of the Patriot Act went through. Now that was not real anthrax. It didn't have to be real anthrax this time.

ALEX JONES: It's a reminder.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Just for your question on the media, I think the culprits here wanted to send a message to the news media as well -- that if you really cover this story, you risk your lives.

ALEX JONES: No, that's it. And then the people that did the story on the Bush daughters falling down drunk in Austin -- the editor gets the first letter. I mean, so this is a thinly veiled threat to everyone. So I guess the perpetrators, that's why Congress goes along with the wars and goes along with all of it. Because I've talked to people in Congress who privately are like "Yeah, yeah, we know what happened." Do you agree that it's just an open mafia message, then, is what you're saying? And that Congress knows! I mean, they know who did it!

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: I think -- you know, people in Congress, I stay in touch with them, I've sent them my materials. You know, they're smart, intelligent people. I think they know who was responsible for this. I don't think they believe the cock-and-bull FBI explanation. But of course they're afraid! Their lives are on the line! I think what we have to do now is insist on a full-scale Congressional investigation, not some type of Presidential Commission cover-up along the lines of the 9/11 report.

ALEX JONES: But then the neocons will probably just mail a hundred letters of anthrax. I guess the whole nation is kind of held hostage. We're going to come back to the full audience. Recap that, and get into your idea, your plan to deal with this, and then cover any other evidence that backs up what you're saying. With our guest, here we go.

(bumper music)

Dr. Francis Boyle, one of the former top bioweapons experts for the Federal government, helped write some of the major bioweapons conventions internationally for the United States. Day one, he tried to help with the investigation, and found out who was really behind it. These are hard-core killers. And they'll do anything to scare you into submission. After their little event they pulled off on 9/11, they weren't done. They launched their anthrax attack.

And they did their "Dark Winter" scenario a few years before that, Congressionally-funded drill. A massive anthrax spraying in Texas and Oklahoma, and martial law being declared. And you better believe, ladies and gentleman, they've got private contractors ready to spray anthrax on your cities, and then they'll grab some guy with a beard and put him on TV and say he did it, it might even be a hologram. I mean, these guys -- there's no end to what they will do. And Dr. Boyle is our guest.

During the last segment, you had just called for a Congressional investigation, the country's being held hostage by the real terrorist.

You've got the floor, I'd like you to talk more about that and then go back into evidence because it's so voluminous. Anything else you'd like to talk about.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Right. We need hearings along the lines of what we had in the Watergate hearings under President Nixon, where we have open public hearings by a joint committee of Congress, because this attack was designed to shut Congress down, which it did. It succeeded, to the best of my knowledge, the first time in the history of our republic, where Congress was actually shut down and rendered inoperative. The House went out of business. The Senate said it would stay in session, but with the House out of business, you can't do business. So this is a political crime of the first magnitude. The Supreme Court as well also shut down, and the media were attacked, our fourth estate. Of course, the presidency and the executive branch was not attacked. I leave that to you to figure it out, but we do know the White House was on Cipro.

So, that's really what we need. And maybe if there are open public hearings by Congress, you know, people put under oath with subpoena power, members of Congress then might feel some protection from further threats by the people currently under control of the anthrax.

You also have to tie into this the large numbers of dead microbiologists that have appeared since around the summer before these events, when the New York Times revealed the existence of the covert anthrax weapons programs run by the CIA and Battelle. And that too is in the public record. This keeps going -- Ivins is only the latest dead microbiologist. So you are correct -- these culprits are playing for keeps, they are prepared to kill people, they've tried to kill people, I think they have killed people.

ALEX JONES: Well, there's no doubt under PDD-51, the Continuity of Government system has taken over the government. Congress knows they were hit by a biological attack from the Executive branch and the shadow government, controlled by foreign agencies -- foreign intelligence operations, British and Israeli predominantly. And they have bullied the media and the Congress into full submission. They are hopping mad at the Russians for not submitting. God knows what they'll pull on them now. And we are completely controlled by megalomaniacs who have limitless will, dark will to do God-knows-what. Dr. Boyle, I can't imagine a more nightmare scenario, and it's so transparent, because they want it to be transparent, don't they?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, I think it's transparent to people who are really following what's going on, and adding it up. But I don't think for the vast majority of the American people. I do think you are correct in your analysis that the Presidential Doctrine for the Continuity of Government was put into effect on September 11th, and it's still in operation today. And that we do have, in fact, this secret government that, you know, is really running things behind the scenes. Probably Cheney is in charge of it. And so there are really two governments out there, and that can account for a lot of anomalies, for example what happened at the Minot Air Force Base with the nuclear cruise missiles. That decision to deploy those nuclear cruise missiles had to come directly from a chain of command -- it was not a mistake. And with the continuity of government, then, there are now two chains of command. So I think you can add up a lot of things by realizing that there's the open government, and then there's the C.O.G. (Continuity of Government) in operation. Right.

ALEX JONES: Professor Boyle, a lot of people that don't understand history, or the way subterfuge works, they wonder why you're alive, why I'm alive, why so many others are alive if this is all true. And I would just say, it's because they don't want to validate what we've said, they don't want to underline our words, they don't want to highlight what we've said and done. But I do feel the wings of death flapping about. I've been threatened, I've had all sorts of other stuff happen. A lot of other people have been killed, so it's not a joke to me. I just thank my lucky stars, thank God every day I'm still here. But I mean, what's your take on why other whistle blowers and other prominent people are still alive? If these guys are such murderers and such killers, why they haven't come after us?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, Dr. Ivins is not alive! He joins the growing list of microbiologists who are now dead! I can't recall the last time I looked at that list, but it was somewhere in the area of 15 - 20 microbiologists, you know, have DIED.

ALEX JONES: It's a lot more than that.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Yeah, maybe twenty or something like that.

ALEX JONES: Well, if you look at it globally -- yeah, it's like twenty in the U.S., being shot in the back of the head, being tortured to death, being drowned. It's hundreds worldwide.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Right. So, they are I think disposing of people who directly know what's going on. Senator Wellstone disappeared too. So, you know, I take it the reason others are around is that they don't really care. They have all the leaders of power there --

ALEX JONES: No no, they're actually glad we're here saying they control the Congress and murder whoever they want. They enjoy it. And all the big gorillas that work in Army Intelligence think it's real funny. They love their cocaine money, they love their houses in Maui, they love butchering this country wide open. Good job, guys. Please continue, Dr. Boyle.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: You know, I don't think they think we're very effective one way or the other. Otherwise, they would take us out, sure.

ALEX JONES: And they're just looting everything. And this is only one little area of crimes they're committing. I mean, I look at it Doctor -- they are just raping the country, the world, end-to-end. And then -- I just can't believe we've gone this bad. Do you ever pinch yourself when you're seeing these type of things happen?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, you know, it could be the twilight of the American Republic. I hate to say that. You know, I've been a lawyer since January 10, 1977 -- taking an oath to uphold the Constitutional laws of the United States -- as my father was before me. And it could be we're at the end of the line here for democracy in America.

ALEX JONES: That's right, you're a top Constitutional Law scholar as well. We just can't cover all of your illustrious background. Let's go over more of the evidence, more areas with the curious case of Dr. Ivins. I mean, the media, you notice -- it was so hard to find that he died in government custody. And then supposedly he gets these pills while locked up, when he was about to be released. And then this "Doctor" that said he was crazy, and said all these things, turns out is a literal PCP-head, who isn't even a Doctor, and is some kind of stoolie bird. I mean, it's just getting shoddier and shoddier.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: It is. I mean, if you just read any of the accounts. I mean, now, surprisingly, you even have people in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal -- experts, microbiologists, former biowarfare people -- saying they don't believe Ivins did it. That's correct. That's how flimsy the cover-up has become. Again, just read today's New York Times. The more facts come out, the harder it comes to explain any of these things. I really don't know what to say.

ALEX JONES: Why do you think they rushed out and grabbed Ivins and killed him, and then made the ridiculous story up about "Oh, he's been our main suspect for four years," when just a year ago they were saying the only suspect was Hatfill. I mean, is that a total contempt for the public's memory, or what is that?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Yeah, I think so. I don't know if Ivins was killed one way or the other.

ALEX JONES: Oh, man! Yeah. (laughs)

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: But, you know, they first blamed it on Hatfill, knowing he wasn't responsible, but that could stall and delay everything for a long time, and see if they could get Hatfill to crack up and he didn't. You know, he fought back. Ivins -- so then they moved to him, and you know they got him to crack up, and either he was off by himself, or -- you know, we still don't know the circumstances one way or another. So now they have a dead man, and dead men tell no tales. So they just pin it on a dead man, the dead microbiologist.

ALEX JONES: Yeah, it's easy, they have a dead defendant. Talking about the FBI, I mean they've always been hooked in with the Mafia since their conception during prohibition, being paid off. From their zenith, or really birth I should say, from their genesis they have been mobsters. Now, I mean, I see the FBI out on the streets and places. They are really scary people. I mean, do you think the average FBI agent really understands they're working for basically a Gestapo organization?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Actually, Mr. (M. Wesley) Swearingen, who had been an FBI agent and retired and was decorated, wrote a book on the FBI and called it the American Gestapo, repeatedly. You know, he was a veteran FBI agent. I think that is correct.

The last time, you know, we discussed the matter, I think I told you that two FBI agents -- well, an agent for the FBI, and another for the FBI/CIA joint terrorism task force -- showed up at my office, interrogated me for an hour, tried to get me to become an informant on my Arab and Muslim clients which would have violated their Constitutional rights (and) my ethical obligations as an attorney. Of course I refused to become an informant for the FBI.

But I did tell them that I was trying to cooperate with the FBI on the anthrax investigation, and told them of, you know, my phone calls there to Mr. Bowman to try to do something on the anthrax investigation. And then the FBI, CIA went out and put me on all the United States government's terrorist watch lists! Every one of them! My lawyer said there's five or six of them, as far as he could figure out, I'm on all of them.

So, that gives you a pretty good idea of what's going on here -- that one guy trying to help unravel the anthrax investigation gets put on the terrorist watch lists!

ALEX JONES: Well, you know I know it's all about power and who wins, but there's no doubt that I'm trying to defend this country -- what's left of it. So are you.

And, you know, guys -- we don't expect you to quit the FBI or even stand up for the country. But at least you can passively not join the evil. I mean, is it that much fun to destroy America? I mean, I don't understand the ENJOYMENT.

Where do they find these people?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, we have to remember, there were some good, solid FBI people there, up in Minneapolis, trying to get that warrant into --

ALEX JONES: But notice, they're always off in a field office. I understand it's compartmentalized, yeah.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Right. But they tried -- those in the field -- Rowley and the rest of them, tried very hard to get that warrant into Moussaoui's computer. That very well could have unraveled 9/11. And that was killed by Marion "Spike" Bowman, who was the same guy I was dealing with in good faith.

ALEX JONES: And then, by the way, the FBI agents that blocked the anthrax and the 9/11 investigation -- even before -- they all got record cash bonuses. And those that tried to stop the attacks -- they got demoted.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Right, the people who were in charge of the cover-ups on both 9/11 and the anthrax have all been promoted, which indicates they've done what their masters wanted them to do. And I think the reason why -- you know, eventually, if we can unravel who is behind the anthrax attacks, we're going to find out who really was behind 9/11. And that's why they're so desperate to cover everything up and lie about it.

ALEX JONES: I know you have a lot of gravitas sir, and so you like to very be careful about what you say. But do you think a person of interest (who) needs to be looked at is this Philip Zack person, or is he another red herring?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: I really don't know much about Mr. Zack, just what I've read in the public record.

But certainly at the top of everyone's list should be Mr. Patrick (William C. Patrick III), who did this type of work for the CIA, and Ken Alibek (Alibekov), who did this type of work for the Soviet Union. Indeed, Alibek has made statements in the public that are inconsistent and simply not true. Alibek was brought over here by the CIA, so he's on their payroll. And Patrick was on the payroll. So I would, you know, certainly identify them as the top of the list.

ALEX JONES: That's right, Alibek wrote about and was over an "accidental" release, remember, in the Soviet Union on that --

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Sverdlovsk, right.

ALEX JONES: Was it the Kamchatka peninsula?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Right. Well no, Sverdlovsk, which is in Central Russia.

ALEX JONES: But what was the other one?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: But you have to understand that it's just not Fort Detrick here that could have done this. The culture from what I can see came from Fort Detrick. But again, assuming any of this information coming out is correct, 25% of it came from Fort Detrick and 75% of it came from the Dugway Proving Ground run by the Army, and with the CIA and Battelle working there.

So my guess is that the culture itself came from Fort Detrick, and then it was shipped out to Dugway to be weaponized. That is, to turn it into a trillion spores per gram, the aerosolization, the adding on the silica covering which involved nanotechnology, and then the electrostatic charges.

ALEX JONES: How ridiculous is it --

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: So I believe it was weaponized at Dugway. I don't believe it was weaponized at Fort Detrick per se. So we have a team of people here, working on this. It's not simply a question of one, or two, or three people.

ALEX JONES: And that's why we have all these big, top bioweapons scientists saying, "You're claiming that Ivins was able to make this in his basement? That he was able to get something, and then weaponize it?" You know, they're saying that's ridiculous, because they know what it takes, don't they?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Sure, it's completely preposterous. Even Mr. Spertzel, who used to head up Fort Detrick said it can't be done. So you know, I think most of these scientists involved in the investigation, like me, probably assumed the FBI was dealing with them in good faith. But that simply isn't the case.

ALEX JONES: Has this changed your view of the world -- you know, working on this case, seeing this, and seeing how the Federal government's been behaving?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: No, not really. You know, I'm 58 years old. I've seen -- (laughs). You know, going back to the Kennedy assassination -- the two Kennedy assassinations, and the King assassination. This doesn't surprise me at all.

ALEX JONES: I was just saying, because you said that you thought the FBI would do something. But I guess you weren't thinking they were involved. We're going to skip this break, too with our guest. We'll be back in the final segment. The only place to listen to the behind-the-scenes is the Infowars.com stream. You've got to go over to the site and click on that stream, folks.

(bumper music)

ALEX JONES: OK, Dr. Boyle, this has been an amazing interview. And I just want you in the next 6, 7 minutes or so to cover any other key points, any other areas, any web sites you want to plug. You've got the floor.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, I have a book on the subject called "Biowarfare and Terrorism" -- Clarity Press -- which you can read, that sets out the case or the basic points that I'm making here today. Everything I'm saying in there has been confirmed by the latest revelations.

In addition, since that book went to press, I have reviewed the Pentagon's report to Congress on their chemical and biological warfare programs. And it's very clear -- they are engaged in the development and use of anthrax as a weapon of warfare. It is also clear if you read through there, the Pentagon in this biowarfare programs is now testing -- open-air testing, which is something that Congress passed a statute to prohibit, and yet there was put in there a Presidential waiver.

So we have to understand the stockpile of this super-weapons grade anthrax is still there, probably at Dugway, or perhaps Battelle in Ohio, and waiting to be used again when the Pentagon and the CIA decide they want to terrorize the American people.

Cheney has said if there's another terrorist attack, he'll blame it on Iran. There's an election coming up that, you know, they're going to want to win for McCain, who's in the pocket of the neoconservatives currently running the government, and the continuity of government. So there are a variety of occasions coming up for these people to use this anthrax and panic the American people, either towards war, towards a police state, or towards electing the Presidential candidate they want.

ALEX JONES: Amazing. Absolutely amazing. We've got a few stations that are about to join us when we come back out of this segment. So we're going to plug the book again. I want everybody out there to get it, because this is life and death. I mean, it is a military culture to sacrifice pawns, and they have just gotten way too fast and loose. It's not enough to kill a million, two Iraqis. It's not enough to bomb Serbia into the stone age, or DU (depleted uranium).

You know, they see us as absolute cattle, folks, and this sick culture has got to be stopped. We're coming back live right now.

(bumper music)

ALEX JONES: Dr. Francis Boyle has a book out on the anthrax attacks -- a scholarly, detailed book that everyone needs to get, and get out to their friends and family. This is life and death. If we don't expose these people, they are going to use terror attacks to completely overthrow the country and have a continuity of government system that even dominates Congress. Hell, Bush has even taken authority away from Homeland Security to himself. It's unprecedented dark times, and I don't take pleasure fighting these people. I know, I mean it is -- I don't even have fear. I just know -- man, this is serious, I don't like messing with these people, but I have to. You can't give into them. And Dr. Boyle, we just commend you.

The old, 5,000-year-old system of sacrificing pawns, going back to being invented in India. Generals will sacrifice a thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand troops to draw an enemy in over a ridge, thinking it's a larger force, to then have their army behind the hill crush them, knowing it's going to kill their own force. In archery training -- it's not just in the movie "Braveheart", but it's historical cases of where different armies in Japan, in Europe proper, in Africa, you know, the Egyptians would fire on their own troops to kill some of the other troops.

That's an idea -- collateral damage. And it's nothing to the war-planners running our country for the big banks to mail out some anthrax and kill some people. It's nothing for them to kill kids now. To kill a million, two Iraqis as I said. And we better realize that what's done to the Iraqis will be done to us. You reap what you sow. Dr. Boyle, can you speak to that idea and then plug your book?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Well, sure. I went to the University of Chicago with all these neoconservatives -- Wolfowitz was there, Chalabi, Khalilzad, Shulsky -- all the rest of them. They were getting their PhDs, and I was getting my undergraduate degree, later got my PhD from Harvard.

I went through the exact same program that produced all these neocons -- the political science department, Leo Strauss, the godfather of the neocons. His mentor and sponsor in Germany was Professor Carl Schmitt, who went on to become the most notorious Nazi law professor of that benighted era, and justified every hideous atrocity the Nazis inflicted on anyone, including the Jews.

ALEX JONES: And now his [intellectual] grandchildren are Alberto Gonzales, and the current Attorney General Mukasey, and John Yoo.

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: That's correct. We have to understand Alex, that -- and they tried to train me to become one of these people, and I --

ALEX JONES: Don't you have the special PhD, they only give one a year, from Harvard? Don't you have the Kissinger PhD?

FRANCIS A. BOYLE: Yeah, I went through the same program that Kissinger did. Indeed, at the Center for International Affairs, they gave me Kissinger's old office. His file cabinets were sitting there when I moved in.

But, the point is, we have to understand these neoconservatives, then, are in fact neo-Nazis. And this is a neo-Nazi mentality that has taken over our government. And these are the people making these decisions. And that, then, gets back to why they have no problem unleashing an anthrax attack on the American people and Congress. Indeed, they're anti-Democratic.

ALEX JONES: Professor Boyle, I can go into overdrive on this radio show, but I don't want to keep you. The show's over in one minute. But I want to extend the show 10 minutes commercial-free, just for the internet streams. But that's hundreds of thousands listening on the internet and tens of thousands later, spread out on video. Can you do ten more minutes right now, just so you can finish this statement?


ALEX JONES: OK, we're going to go into overdrive. I want to thank the Genesis network and all the affiliates. If you go to InfoWars.com, only on those audio streams, and PrisonPlanet.tv on the video, we're going to continue with an addendum.

It's not just the anthrax attacks, but who they are. The mindset that allows them to engage in this type of behavior. And so again, you need to go to one place, InfoWars.com, to click on those streams right now with Dr. Boyle. Don't forget, my new film "Fabled Enemies" that I produced, that Jason Burmas has directed -- you can pre-order it now. It comes out in 10 days, InfoWars.com as well. Great job everybody. Stay with us. InfoWars.com.

[The interview continues, but this is all I have in the form of a written transcript -- the rest of the interview can be heard on the YouTube videos.]

Washington State Allows Thimerosal in H1N1 Vaccine [AJ]
H1N1 vaccination is voluntary. Pregnant women and children under three are at the top of the list to get the vaccine because theyre at high risk for serious complications from swine flu.

We believe suspending the law allows health care providers to offer their patients as many choices as possible to protect themselves against H1N1,� said Cindy Markus, MD, President of the Washington State Medical Association.

When the limits are suspended, the law requires that pregnant or lactating women and parents or guardians of children under 18 be told theyre getting a vaccine containing more mercury than is usually permitted. There is no specific notification method required; most patients will get a handout to read.

The mercury in vaccines is in a preservative called thimerosal. Its been used safely for years to prevent contamination of vaccines in vials that contain more than one dose. Except for some types of flu vaccines, all vaccines routinely recommended for children under six years of age are thimerosal-free, or contain only trace amounts. While some people are concerned about the safety of thimerosal, many large, thorough studies have shown no harm caused by thimerosal in vaccines.

PAM COMMENTARY: Since almost everything they're saying here is a complete lie, now might be a good time to say that when I post things on this board, it doesn't necessarily mean that I agree with them. In this case, mercury- and aluminum-containing compounds in vaccines have been linked to the nation's autism and ADHD epidemics. Thimerosal has NOT been used safely for years, unless you call permanently brain-damaging huge numbers of children "safe." And recommending that pregnant women and children receive the vaccine first is like saying you WANT to brain-damage as many children as possible.

(FLASHBACK) John Buchanan From Martial Law 9-11- Alex Jones (video) [AJ]
PAM COMMENTARY: Journalist John Buchanan's 2004 interview from Alex Jones' movie "Martial Law," where he describes the Bush family's real ties to the German Nazi party of the 1930s. Quite a history lesson in less than 10 minutes. (It's all true -- the Bush family ancestors were American Nazis! Explains a whole lot, doesn't it?)

Facebook misconduct: Med students cross line; Some broke confidentiality, tried to 'friend' patient online, study shows
From Facebook to YouTube to personal blogs, future doctors are crossing the line � and getting in trouble.

A new study finds most medical school deans surveyed said they were aware of students posting unprofessional content online, including photos of drug paraphernalia and violations of patient privacy. Some infractions resulted in warnings, others in being expelled.

Ralph Nader on the G-20, Healthcare Reform, Mideast Talks and His First Work of Fiction, �Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!� [DN]
AMY GOODMAN: Ralph Nader, as we go back to the issue of healthcare and what needs to be done, one of your key issues over the decades, Max Baucus, after months of negotiation, comes out with a bill, which now has no Republican support. Many Democrats are saying they will not support it. What do you think of Baucus and his plan and where really this is going to go and what you think needs to happen? Would you support a plan without a public option, though you are a single-payer advocate?

RALPH NADER: No, the public option, or what they should have called it, �public choice,� if they knew language, it�s not going to work. It will always be strapped by all kinds of restrictions. Even if it passes, they�ll have it straightjacketed. Only a certain number of people can even buy insurance from this proposed public option.

Senator Baucus is a typical Democrat in Republican clothing. He�s a crypto-Republican. Now, would he get away with this if there were several million dollars in grassroot mobilization in his home state of Montana? I mean, Montana has sent some pretty progressive senators in the past. The people haven�t changed. They just are not being brought together by field organizers in the kind of effort that�s described in this book, �Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!� But there�s very little going on in Montana. There�s a few rallies. There are a few demonstrations. But there�s a critical mass that�s needed there.

It looks like Baucus�s version is going to prevail with some tweaks in the Senate. Then you�re going to have the Waxman version in the House in the various committees. And then what are they going to do when they come into conference with the swarms of drug and health insurance lobbies? The drug companies have 450 full-time lobbyists on Capitol Hill, almost one to every senator and representative, not to mention their nationwide support network.

Now, the single-payer people, I don�t even know if they have one full-time lobbyist. So we have to ask ourselves, are we serious here? And if you are a super mega-rich, enlightened elderly person, or not elderly person, are you going to get serious, in terms of where you, without anybody persuading you, where you already want this country to go? That�s what we have to confront here.

The single payer is a majoritarian issue. It�s supported by 59 percent of physicians in a poll last year. A larger number of nurses, a lot of health economists support it. Why isn�t it moving? Because the people are not in charge of the Congress, even though they�re the only ones that have the vote; corporations are in charge, even though they have no vote.

AMY GOODMAN: Ralph Nader, last question, and we only have less than a minute, but the White House has announced that President Obama is going to be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Palestinian President Abbas in New York on Tuesday. That�s tomorrow. This, after US special envoy George Mitchell left Israel with no deal on a resumption of peace talks in the region. What do you think needs to happen there?

RALPH NADER: For a minute, I thought you said President Obama was going to meet with progressives in the White House on healthcare, which he�s never done. He�s met with CEOs.

I don�t think President Obama has any cards with the Israeli military approach to the Palestinians. He�s not going to cut off economic aid, which Prime Minister Netanyahu in 1996 in a joint address to Congress said he was going to phase out, because Israel is a modern economy, which has universal health insurance, by the way. He�s not going to cut off military aid. What are his cards? Poor George Mitchell is shuttling back and forth between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Ramallah. He has no cards either.

The only way to begin changing this is to bring the Israeli peace movement to the US Congress for widely publicized hearings. These are ex-generals, ex-security chiefs, former mayors, members of the Knesset, former ministers. They�ve been pummeled by the recent events of the militarists. But once they�re given a national exposure here in this country, they will connect with about 50 percent or more of the Israeli people who want a two-state solution.

You know, it�s just like anything else. The majority of the people were against the Iraq invasion, yet the neocons and people in the White House, a minority among public opinion, plunged us into this war. Similarly, in Israel. Once the Israeli peace movement, with all those credentialed and accomplished people, connect with the Palestinian peace movement, with whom they have worked out in intricate ways in the Geneva meetings years ago a two-state solution, then you�ll see Israeli society begin turning around. And that�s about the only political lever the Congress and Obama would have. Put them up before the Senate and the House. In sixty years, they have�Israeli peace movement leaders have never been invited for one hour of congressional testimony.

Big drop in heart attacks after smoking bans, studies say
The ban on smoking in public places, such as bars and restaurants, has been one of the greatest public health debates of the early 21st century. Now, two large studies suggest that communities that pass laws to curb secondhand smoke get a big payoff -- a drop in heart attacks.

Overall, American, Canadian, and European cities that have implemented smoking bans had an average of 17 percent fewer heart attacks in the first year, compared with communities who had not taken such measures.

Then, each year after implementing smoking bans (at least for the first three years, the longest period studied), smoke-free communities have an average 26 percent decline in heart attacks, compared with those areas that still allow smokers to light up in public places.

California Joblessness Reaches 70-Year High
Such numbers have caused deep pain to a state overly reliant on personal income taxes to balance its budget. The near collapse of the stock market, which greatly reduced personal wealth in the state, and job losses related to the housing bust combined to sharply reduce that source of revenue.

In July, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a budget that closed a roughly $24 billion two-year gap with extensive cuts to social services, parks and education. This has left the state with large numbers of people without jobs seeking government services, which further strained its resources and hindered potential consumer spending among laid off and furloughed government workers.

Paralysed cancer drug girl to be put on at-risk register �to shut her up� [WRH]
Ashleigh, from Liverpool, has been unable to walk unaided since having the jab last October and is an in-patient at Liverpool�s Alder Hey hospital. Tests have failed to find anything physically wrong. Doctors say Ashleigh is suffering from �learned illness� behaviour and have called in social services.

A report from Sefton Council accuses Ms Cave of fabricating Ashleigh�s illness and says: �Children�s Services recommend that Ashleigh becomes subject to a Child Protection Plan under the criteria of emotional harm.�

But Ms Cave says it is nothing more than an attempt to keep her quiet and is desperate to warn other parents about the vaccine.

She said: �At first, they tried to tell us Ashleigh was imagining it. They even suggested I may have Munchausen�s syndrome by proxy. They have now told me Ashleigh is to be placed on the at-risk register, and that I am abusing her mentally. I refuse to let their threats silence us.�

PAM COMMENTARY: See this article previously posted on the vaccine, among many others in the archives below -- this vaccine has been a known problem since barely after it was introduced. In the US (where the patriot act forbids lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers -- the Bush family slipped that one in while the elder Bush had huge investments in the pharmaceutical industry), the HPV vaccine has been linked to death, paralysis, blood clots (in YOUNG GIRLS -- blood clots are usually an old man's disease, like Dick Cheney for example), anaphylactic shock, and other side effects. And by the way-- the zero comments you see at the bottom of the above article? I joined their board and submitted two comments, but they still haven't posted them. They're probably not allowing comments on this article because it might help the victims of the vaccine to have more information. And I thought that the AMERICAN press was totally bought off by drug ads -- why do you suppose the press is covering for drug companies in Britain? Who in the press or British government have investments in big pharma?

And since I'm mentioning the "Patriot" Act, I'm going to dig out the old interview from Alex Jones' radio show on how the anthrax attacks were probably an attack by Bush to force the Patriot Act through. Which brings up the question, if Congress was being threatened while the law was being passed, is it really "agreed to?"

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