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News from the Week of 18th to 24th of April 2010
This week's links were interrupted by tax season, and will be caught up later. - PR

Earth Day card to readers 2010, pelicans at Horicon Marsh, summer of 2009

Multiple Bombs in Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building (News Reports) - from movie "In Plane Site" (Video)

PAM COMMENTARY: With the Oklahoma City Bombing falling on the 19th, I thought I'd include a link to old Oklahoma news broadcasts from that morning, reporting that bomb squads diffused additional large, sophisticated bombs INSIDE of the building. This collection of video is from the movie "In Plane Site," so enjoy it while you can -- that movie's clips are removed from YouTube pretty quickly. (You can always google to find posts of the same video elsewhere, if this link goes down.)

Note that the fall guy for the Oklahoma City bombing, Tim McVeigh, was a war veteran and member of the elite guard for General Normal Schwarzkopf. He was the type of person who could have easily been involved with black ops. If he really had a truck bomb, then he would have had to coordinate that bomb with the larger bombs inside of the building for the event to take place as it did -- impossible for a mere "useful idiot." If McVeigh was a part of that plot at all, he would have been a member of a team of government operatives.

There are various theories on why that building was targeted. One of the more credible reasons had to do with a case the DEA was building against key government drug operatives from Iran-Contra. Records for that case were stored in that very building, coincidentally lost in the bombing.

The mainstream news coverage from this year (2010) that I found most offensive was the 2-hour Rachel Maddow special on Tim McVeigh. That TV program conveniently and completely ignored news reports of bombs inside of the building, instead choosing to ANIMATE McVeigh's photo into various scenes to fit the story they were promoting. (That's right -- listen to their disclaimer at the beginning. They pasted McVeigh's face into those scenes. That's why his expression looks strange and never changes. A camera was not on site in most of those situations, and in fact the scenarios they're animating to spin into a story most likely never took place. The more logical scenario is that McVeigh was given orders, and he followed them.)

Maddow's special was designed to promote the government's story and demonize anti-government and modern militia groups, claiming that they were the kooks responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing and that they could do it again. I wouldn't be surprised if the next government black op is blamed on militias or anti-government groups, based on the obvious propaganda in Maddow's show aimed at creating audience bias against them.

Local News footage from Oklahoma bombing (Video)

PAM COMMENTARY: This video may be allowed to remain on YouTube, as it wasn't taken from a movie. It contains the same type of news clips seen in the video link above, mentioning that the damage to the building was caused by a bomb going off INSIDE of the building, and that there were also two larger bombs in the building diffused by bomb squads. One news anchor reported that the FBI said "This is the work of a sophisticated group, this is a very sophisticated device, and it has to have been done by an explosives expert."

The Oklahoma City Bombing; PROOF there were additional explosive charges. [WRH]
Virgil Steele is the elevator inspector who discovered that the story told by a senior BATF agent about being trapped in a plummeting elevator was a lie. The elevators were in working order except for being without power, and nobody had been trapped in them. Virgil also sees two additional bombs being removed from the building.

PAM COMMENTARY: This is a collection of more serious documents on the Oklahoma City Bombing by WhatReallyHappened.com.

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Sources (if found on major news boards):
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[BF] - BuzzFlash.com
[DN] - DemocracyNow.org
[R] - Rense.com
[WRH] - WhatReallyHappened.com


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