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Who'd want Dick Cheney?
[Posted 28 October 2005]

As rumors of a Libby indictment circulate around Washington today (a member of VP Cheney's staff), and a cartoonist finalizes the cartoon for my What would Dick Cheney look like rant, a television interview comes to mind. It's an interview I saw just within the past couple of weeks, one I didn't mean to see, but was on a television I was passing at the time. Apparently Lynne Cheney had come out with a children's book on American history. I happen to have a B.A. in history, and had already heard of Cheney's past attempts at rewriting history into her twisted world view. Instantly I was skeptical and had to stop and watch for a minute or two.

The first thing out of her mouth was the settlement of the American West, where she talked about how people could move into this land that no one was using... no one except the Native Americans, of course. Well, I was sickened enough to leave the TV set. Her "historical" "writing" is worthless, nothing more than a simpleton's fairy tale. But then you have to consider... she married Dick Cheney.

I mean, what kind of woman would want a man like Dick Cheney? Someone who adores the ugliest men alive? The most evil? The most selfish? A man willing to become a mass murderer of history just to add to his already overwhelming pile of cash? An evil mind who'd orchestrate lies to start a war, just to benefit corporations he'd worked for in the past? And what's that Popeye thing he does with his mouth? I always get a laugh from people when I start talking out of one side of my mouth, "talking like Dick Cheney." Yet despite Dick Cheney's delusions of being Popeye, a strappin' young sailor he ain't.

I mean, Dick Cheney isn't something that any normal woman would want, and most abnormal women abhor the man as well. Dick Cheney is possibly the most unattractive man who has ever lived. So who'd want him? Apparently, Lynne Cheney. And I'm sure no one else.

Googling Lynne Cheney is amusing. People are already well aware of her attack on good historical techniques. I could provide a huge list of links here, but check it out yourself -- people know she's a hack, and aren't afraid to say so. She's also famous for rewriting history to support her world view. But then, what would you expect from Mrs. Dick Cheney? A virtuoso? A decent author wouldn't be desperate enough to touch Dick Cheney.

No, the only woman who wants Dick Cheney is a woman who shares his love of telling lies and engaging in any other dishonesty necessary for personal gain. I guess there's a second question here to answer the first. "Who'd want Dick Cheney?" Well, the answer is clear -- "Who'd want Lynne Cheney?"

Here are a few links to get you started -- all easily found on google:
Lynne Cheney's Primer; "G" is for Gloss Over
The Reason Lynne Cheney Had 300,000 History Booklets Destroyed
Lynne Cheney's Attack on the History Standards, 10 Years Later
21st Century Book-Burning
Booklet That Upset Mrs. Cheney Is History
L is for Lesbian; C is for Condom; The Lynne Cheney Show?

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