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The Genetic Fad - A Medical Myth
Joel Wallach - Copper Deficiencies
Lawrence Broxmeyer - Mad Cow
Organophosphates - Mad Cow
Multiple Sclerosis and Mercury
Alternative Medicine Used for Flus
Good Fats (Omega-3 Fatty Acids)
Dr. Hulda Clark - Cancer and AIDs
Alternative Cancer Treatments
Vegans and Vitamin B-12
Aspartame, MSG - Excitotoxins
Sickle Cell Anemia
Jake Beason - Raising Children

Election Fraud 2004
9-11: A Government Operation
Pam Remembers Ronald Reagan
Family Values
Giving Thanks

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Natural Bridge in Virginia
Crystal Caverns at Hupp Hill in Virginia
Cave of the Mounds in Wisconsin
Kickapoo Indian Caverns in Wisconsin
Crystal Cave in Wisconsin
Niagara Cave in Minnesota
Mena Airport Photo Gallery
Skyline Drive Photo Gallery
The House on the Rock Gallery
Wisconsin Windmill Farm

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Cancer Tutor .com
Dorway.com - Aspartame
Breast Implant Dangers

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Dr. Joel Wallach
Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer
Mark Purdey
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Hal Huggins
Dr. Lorainne Day
Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Ralph Moss - Cancer Decisions
Dr. Patrick Flanagan - Neurophone
NUCCA-Certified Chiropractors
Pranic Healing

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VEGGIE POLITICAL NEWS: Famous VEGAN and former US Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, is running for his Congressional seat in Ohio again. A picture of health and energy, Congressman Kucinich is a vegan famous for his inspiring speeches, bravery, and highly ethical values. Those wanting to support his campaign can visit Kucinich.us. Those sending contributions must be US citizens, although there's no requirement that the contributor live in Ohio.


  • Sample recipes from my cookbook!
  • The index for my cookbook!
  • Healthy eating: How my book measures up to the major theories
  • Cooking tips and hints
  • Coming Soon: Planned changes for this page

    Nutrition and Health

  • Today's medical fad: The Genetic Myth
  • Copper: What aneurysms, white hair, and wrinkles have in common
  • UPDATED! Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer's BACTERIAL Mad Cow theory
  • Mark Purdey's Organophosphate theory of Mad Cow Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis: The mercury/parasites model
  • Alternative medicine vs. the common cold and flu
  • Essential Fatty Acids, the "healthy fats" we all need
  • Hulda Clark: A cure for cancer and AIDS?
  • Alternative Cancer Treatments
  • Vegans and the B-12 deficiency myth
  • Aspartame, MSG, and other excitotoxins
  • Sickle Cell Anemia: Dr. Agbai and B-12 deficiency
  • Jake Beason on children and boredom
  • Mercury Poisoning - Marie's story

    Politics and Scandals

  • UPDATED! Time to start working on those '06 elections, and change the balance of power!
  • NEW! Virginia's Senatorial Race: Lessons of Life from Macaca-Land
  • NEW! War with Iran: Think it can't happen? You need to read this...
  • Election Day 2004 -- It's King George all over again
  • UPDATED! Pam's Rants (With a great Dick Cheney cartoon!)
  • 9-11 and alternative news services
  • "Family Values"
  • Pam remembers Ronald Reagan
  • The Mena, Arkansas airport with photo gallery!
  • Giving Thanks
  • Read non-fluff news: 1. Rense.com; 2. WhatReallyHappened.com; 3. BuzzFlash.com
  • Hear low-fluff radio: 1. WBAI (NYC); 2. KPFK (LA); 3. KPFA (Berkeley); 4. WPFW (DC)
  • Al Franken's new radio network
  • Are you a peace activist?
  • A pretty cool interview with Al Lewis (who has a show on WBAI these days)
  • What do you think? The alleged weapons of the 9-11 "hijackers"?
  • Election 2004: Roach v. Bush -- Who'd be better for America?
  • A Roach v. Bush bonus -- La Cucaracha!
  • Bush the mocking beggar
  • Iraq is GONE: I've been saying it was Vietnam since before it started, but maybe you'll believe this guy...
  • More on the rigged Kolly-phoney-ya elections and Diebold machines soon; in the meantime read this...
  • Click to visit VeggieCooking.com

  • An oldie, but just in case it happens: Next attack near Chicago?

    Animal Stories

  • Tortoise rescues May-June 2002
  • More turtle rescues July 2002
  • Sad turtle stories
  • More turtle stories 2004
  • A sad bunny story
  • Do animals wave back?


  • Pam's Travels
  • Photo Gallery (Over 1,000 photos to see, no membership required!)
  • The caverns gallery (Take a virtual walk through a few show caves)
  • The flower gallery dedicated to peacemakers
  • Sample a selection of Pam's favorite photos
  • The Autumn Foliage Gallery (Pam spends "quality time" with the Secret Service)
  • Pam Stories: Pam reminisces about Florida and hurricanes
  • Pam's 2002 Accident

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